Post new firmware and tool ANNOUNCEMENTS here

To make it easier for people who tune into the forum for firmware and tool updates, I think it would be a good idea for people to make a post in this thread to announce new firmwares and new tools.

That way, people can just subscribe to this thread and be notified whenever a new Plextor firmware or tools comes out.

The ultimate post would contain:

  1. Drive model
  2. Firmware version
  3. Download link to the new firmware
  4. Changelog (Release date and reason)
  5. Link to a discussion thread if one already exists

To receive notification of any announcements, subscribe to this thread by clicking this link.

This thread should be for announcements only. Do not discuss new firmwares in this thread. Posts are subject to deletion without notice if they do not follow this guideline. Ideally, each announcement should have a download link, and, if there is one, a link to that firmware’s discussion and results thread.

New PX-760A firmware v1.03

Download and discussion:

Good idea C0deKing.
To save some mouse clicks, perhaps it’s a better practice to post:

  1. Drive
  2. Firmware
  3. Changelog (Release date and reason)
  4. Link to discussion thread if it’s already created.

Very good Idea ! :iagree:

No argument from me if the person posting has the time but if they don’t, I know I’m happy to do the clicking once I know there is a new firmware released. :slight_smile: Also the change log information can be in the discussion thread, as sometimes this information can be released later (with some manufacturers anyway).

But I certainly agree that this would be the ultimate announcement. :wink:

Plextor PX-130A
Fixed Bug: Several small bugs.

PTP 2.35 and PTPXL 3.10 released



PlexTools Professional V2.35 released on 28 July 2006


  • General: Support for latest drives.
  • General: Improved writing performance.

Bug Fix:

  • General: several minor bug fixes.
  • AudioCD Maker: when using Japanese characters with FLAC files, the tag information is not correctly saved and/or read out.
  • Disc Info: CD-TEXT which contains Japanese characters are not correctly displayed.

PlexTools Professional XL V3.10 released on 28 July 2006


  • General
    o Support for latest drives.
    o Improved writing performance.
    o Video Scheduler : added new option 'Use Advanced Settings’
    o Added teletext support for Convert PVR
    o Added possibility to compare a recorded disc with a saved project (Integrity Check)
    o Added Auto Test function for CD and DVD

  • Disc Extraction
    o It is now also possible to add tag information for unknown file extension (external encoder)
    o It is now possible to use the total number of audio tracks for the filename and for the command line encoder
    o Added possibility to create the cuesheet without extracting the disc

  • Device Settings
    o Added new options ‘Adjust vertical offset’, ‘Video Quality’

  • All-In-One Test
    o It is now possible to select all the available tests for PI/PO Test

  • Q-Check PI/PO Test
    o Added button to change the scale to logarithmic.


  • General
    o Several minor bug fixes.

  • Disc Extraction
    o The Catalog Code was not saved when embedding the cuesheet in the FLAC file
    o It was not possible to remove the ID3V1 tag information

  • Audio CD Maker
    o When using Japanese characters with FLAC files, the tag information is not correctly saved and/or read out.

  • Disc Info
    o CD-TEXT which contains Japanese characters are not correctly displayed.

Discussion thread here:

Thanks to hwp.

PXInfo v.1.25

Added: check for firmware upgrades, Read transfer rate test,Write transfer rate test.

New Firmware 1.04 for Plextor 760 and 1.05 for the Plextor 755.
Posted at Plextor America. 1.04 for 760 and 1.05 for 755.
Improved writing performance on DVD media
Improved writing performance on CD media
Improved the accuracy of the measurement of Q Check TA Test
Shortened the time needed to write DVD media simultaneously with
multiple drives…loads.html#firm

Thanks to bob11879 for reporting.
Discussion thread here:

Plextor Japan has put up [B]FW 1.10 for the PX716[/B] A/SA/UF:

No changelog yet.

Discussion thread:

Plextor Japan has put up [B]FW 1.03 for the PX-750[/B]:


DVD-R DL 8x addition of light/write. Note: 1st layer is 8 time speed, but 2nd layer records with 6 time speed.
DVD+/-RW record grade improvement of media.

Discussion thread:

Plextor has released [B]FW. 1.03[/B] for the [B]PX-230A[/B]:


[B]Improvements[/B]: Improved writing performance on CDR/RW media.

[B]Fixes[/B]: Fixed a boot problem with Linux boot disks.

Discussion thread:

New Plextools Professional XL v3.11 released.


  • Support for latest drives.
  • Test functions: option to change background color.


  • Several minor bug fixes.
  • Software crashes/freezes on startup.

Discussion thread:

[B]PX-760 / PX-755[/B]

New firmware posted on Plextor America

[B]Changes for 760 (1.05)[/B]

Improved writing quality on DVD media.
DVD-R DL 8x media is supported up to 8x writing
Improved writing quality on CD media.
DVD DL Stamp Disc is supported up to 16x read while Speed Read is ON.
Improved AUTOSTRATEGY function’s performance.
Improved writing performance.

[B]Changes for 755 (1.06) [/B]

Improved writing quality on DVD media.
Improved writing quality on CD media.
Improved AUTOSTRATEGY function performance.
Improved writing performance.

Discussion Thread:

[B]PlexTools Professional 2.36[/B]

Japanese version up at Plextor Japan: . I guess international versions can be expected soon on


  • Operational improvement of performance.
  • The trouble correction of AudioMaster.

[B]PlexTools Professional XL V3.12[/B]


* General
      o Support for latest devices.
      o Support for Windows Vista.
      o Added detection of network devices / computers.


* General
      o Several minor bug fixes.

[U]Discussion thread:[/U]

1.06 for 760:

1.07 for 755:

Summary from plextor site:

Date posted: January 2, 2007
Improvement in interchangeability when using SATA controller or SATA/USB conversion chip.

Plextor Japan ( ) now has

[B]FW 1.07 for the PX-755[/B]

Discussion thread:

[B]FW 1.06 for the PX-760[/B]

Discussion thread:

[U]Identical changelog for both FW:[/U]

  • DVD media entry improvement of efficiency
  • The correspondence which cannot do DMA transfer depending upon PC
  • ICH8 SATA the correspondence which drive is difficult to recognize with the host (the SATA model)

FW 1.07 for the PX-755 and FW 1.06 for the PX-760 are now also available at Plextor Europe

[U]Identical Changelog:[/U]

* Improvements: Write performance on DVD media.
* Improvement in connection interchangeability.

[B]Plextools Professional - End of Life[/B]

Plextor USA has put the following notice on their download-page:

[I]"Attention PlexTools Professional users

PlexTools Professional 2.xx will no longer be supported with upgrades. Version 2.36, shipped with the PX-755UF only, is the last supported version. Users wishing to update PlexTools Professional v2.xx for use with Windows Vista are requested to download the free PlexTools Professional LE software."[/I]

Annoyingly, the linked home of Plextools ( still carries the old version 2.35 of PTP, while 2.36 has been available since last November already, but only directly from Plextor Japan (english program, japanese Help-files) as announced here

Discussion thread: