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Lite-On iHAS324 C - LL12
Lite-On iHAS524 C - LL22

Download from Firmware HQ or via SmartPack


DS-8A8SH Firmware KD51, DELL OEM, Released: 16.04.2012


DS-8D3SH Firmware HD51, DELL OEM, Released: 23.04.2012

Link: (Extraction password = dell)


Lite-On iHAS124 C - LL0G
Lite-On iHAS324 C - LL14
Lite-On iHAS524 C - LL24

Download from Firmware HQ or via SmartPack


Lite-On iHAS124 D - 8L05 (2012-10-03)

Download via SmartPack


Lite-On iHAS324 D - 8L13 (2012-10-03)
Lite-On iHAS524 D - 8L23 (2012-10-03)

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Hello I recently owner of ASUS
MODEL: DRW-24B5ST mind can you change the firmware of the writer as the DRW-24B3ST. . problem is I do not know what the writer of my review. I would be grateful ow give me a link to the firmware update.
maybe a private message to midadete link.
I hope that I have put in the correct forum for your apology and please do not speak good English and use the google translator currently.


Lite-On iHAS124 D - 8L08 (2012-11-07)

Download via SmartPack


[QUOTE=edchac;2531205]i have a DH6E2S firmware:AA13 drive AKA Liteon iHES106 here is the dump for this drive… used EEPROM utility.

it’s a rar with a zip extention…sorry don’t have zip.

Can this drive be reflashed with a liteon file?[/QUOTE]

Ive been looking for this


[QUOTE=colinwatson1;2664680]Ive been looking for this[/QUOTE]

The file provided by edchac is an EEPROM file backup, not a firmware file. Do NOT flash that to your drive!

Each drive’s EEPROM is unique. Flashing one drive’s EEPROM file to another drive is a matter of last resort, typically used to revive a drive with a wiped/corrupt EEPROM when everything else fails!


colleagues about my writer Azucena 24b5st be a firmware update to the Lite-on and where to download it


iHBS112 PL06 released (for PL0x drives)


Liteon iHBS212 2 - HL05 (2012-11-21)
Liteon iHBS312 2 - PL16 (2012-11-21)

Download via SmartPack.

Improvement Point:
Improve write quality


[QUOTE=music;2665522]iHBS112 PL06 released (for PL0x drives)[/QUOTE]

***Add support for new media:
JVC-AM S6L at 6x,4x
MAXELL RS2 at 6x,4x
SONY ND4 at 4x
SONY ND6 at 6x,4x

***Suitable for both 1st and 2nd generation Drives.

[QUOTE=2601;2665525]Liteon iHBS212 2 - HL05 (2012-11-21)
Liteon iHBS312 2 - PL16 (2012-11-21)


The following firmwares have been posted at Firmware HQ:

iHAS124 C - LL0H
iHAS124 D - 8L0A
iHAS524 C - LL25
iHAS524 D - 8L25


iHAS122 C - XL0A

Download via SmartPack


[B]eTAU108 3[/B] Firmware [B]AL04[/B]



eUAU108 5 - 3L02 (2012-12-12)

Download via SmartPack or check Firmware HQ later

Improvement Point:
Improve write & read quality


[B]eHBU312 2[/B] Firmware [B]VL15[/B]

Download via SmartPack or the following link.

[I]Change log:[/I]

[I]Improve read & write function[/I]



iHES212 3 - JL03 (2012-11-29)

Download via SmartPack

Improvement Point:
Improve write quality


DS-8A8SH Firmware KH62, Released: 11/01/2013, HP OEM

Change log:

  • Provides support for systems running Microsoft Windows 8.