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Is there a delay for a firmware update for iHAS624B or is it just me?


Liteon iHAP122 W - LL06 (2010-12-27)
Download via SmartPack


Liteon iHAP122 W - LL06 (2010-12-27)

  • its only for W unfortunately - i got -9 6l0h ATM and this one wont work


For use with MCSE & the Flash Utility:
LiteOn iHAS624 A ZL2U stock: Download


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New Patched Firmware Released:


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SlimtypeDVD A DS8A4SH Firmware CA11 dump (ACER OEM)


Firmware: SlimtypeDVD A  DS8A4SH  CA11  2009/06/23 21:35    
Bootcode: SlimtypeDVD A  DS8A4SH  0A13  2009/06/23 21:35 


[QUOTE=Underling;2561262]Hello, I need the bin for iHBS212 2 for Lite-On, thanks in advance.
No not the firmware but an eeprom utility back up of the bin so I can use to cross flash my drive.[/QUOTE]
Hi, I am trying to cross flash with any bin for the iHBS212 2. Can you please send me or post your current bin?


iHAS624 B. Firmware GL27 is available via SmartPack1.20.6


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Also updates for the 224, 324, 424 & 524 B series:


iHBS 112-2 CLOK
DL via SmartPack


[QUOTE=jamescooley1;2578883]iHBS 112-2 CLOK
DL via SmartPack[/QUOTE]

Changed(According to the information from MCSE):

CMCMAG BA5…10x,8x,6x,4x
INFOME R40…8x,6x,4x
SONY NN2…8x,6x,4x


Retired 20A1P and bought two:
LiteOn iHAP322 W
Manufactured: January 2011
Updated to Firmware version: LL16

File name:LL16_bin.7z
Archive MD5: 6cdd096211677aebb2f2880892316e8a
Contents of archive: LL16.bin (dumped with Flash Utility v.6.0.1)

Firmware Date: 2011/01/05 14:36
Firmware File size: 2 MB
Firmware MD5: 1b7c5a8ecd4e4be3dc3572d6060fe60e


SlimtypeDVD A DS8A4S JC21 Firmware dump

Anyone knows the chipset this drive is based on ?


[QUOTE=zhadoom;2580250]SlimtypeDVD A DS8A4S JC21 Firmware dump

Anyone knows the chipset this drive is based on ?[/QUOTE]