Post new firmware and tool ANNOUNCEMENTS here

To make it easier for people who tune into the forum for firmware and tool updates, I think it would be a good idea for people to make a post in this thread to announce new firmwares and new tools.

That way, people can just subscribe to this thread and be notified whenever a new LiteOn (or a rebadged equivalent) firmware or tool comes out.

The ultimate post would contain:

  1. Drive model (not required for tool announcement)
  2. Firmware/tool version
  3. Download link to the new firmware/tool
  4. Changelog (Release date and reason)
  5. Link to a discussion thread if one already exists

To receive notification of any announcements, subscribe to this thread by clicking this link.

This thread should be for announcements only. Do not discuss new firmwares in this thread. Posts are subject to deletion without notice if they do not follow this guideline.

LiteOn firmware:

Find New LiteOn firmware:
Latest firmware releases and direct links to official firmware files.

To start off… here are some of the recently added firmwares:

LiteOn SHW-1635S: YS0B - download (official), download (unofficial), [thread=148932]discussion[/thread]
LiteOn SOHW-812S: US0S - download (official), download (unofficial), [thread=148958]discussion[/thread]
Sony DW-Q28A: KYS2 - download (still a pretty old firmware; we recommend Q28A@800A instead)

LiteOn SOHR-5238S: 4S09 - download

Generic COMBO-6V5216: R$G9 - download

Thanks to L. L. who sent us a copy of a dump from his Q28A, the KYS3 firmware is now available for download!

What’s really cool about KYS3 is that it came out on the same day as KY04, and according to our sources, KY04 is based on KYS3. But what’s really great about KYS3 is that when LiteOn compiled the KY04 firmware, they made a little mistake and forgot to turn off the debug code, which meant that there was not enough space left in the banks for OmniPatcher to work with. They did not make this mistake with KYS3, so KYS3 is basically the same as KY04, except that it is more patchable than KY04.

  • Sony DW-Q58A: UYS2-4 - download (for the slimline Q58A laptop drive)

Thanks to Dragy for the Q58A dump. UYS2-4 is quite a bit newer than UYS2-3 and has expanded media support.

There was a period of a few weeks earlier this month / late last month when there were no new firmwares at all. And then all of a sudden all these new firmwares pop out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, so much for KYS3 being equivalent to the latest 800A firmware, as there is now a newer 800A firmware out; less than 24 hours after KYS3 was unofficially posted. Nice timing.

Sony DRU-800A: KY05 - download (official), download (unofficial), [thread=149265]discussion[/thread]

There are some new Teac firmwares that were posted last Friday:

Teac DV-W516GA: C4S6 - download

Teac CD-W552G: Q4S5 - download
Teac CD-W552GA: 44S5 - download

C4S6 for the Teac DV-W516GA (a rebadged LiteOn SOHW-1653S) is dated 2005/05/05 09:37, but judging from its media support tables, it was probably based off of CS0P (CS0P’s timestamp is 2005/04/19 11:02) and is not based off of a newer firmware. :frowning:

BTW, as a reminder, this thread is open to posting by anyone who finds a new firmware, despite what it may look like from the disproportionate amount of posts made by me. :stuck_out_tongue:

832S VS0J:

SOSC-2483K: KK0M - download

est-til possible de graver un cdr avec un 1673s en 4x ou - merci pour la reponce

is -til possible to engrave a cdr with a 1673s in 4x or - thank you for the reponce

PS08 for the SOSW-852S has been posted, thanks to a dump from “Predator”.
Dated 8 Apr 2005, it is the latest known 852S firmware, but it is still older than the latest known D56A firmware (PFS3), so I would personally stick with PFS3 unless there’s a specific need to use a 852S firmware instead of a D56A firmware.

New Firmware for SHW 1635S.

Found here:

And a new Firmware for SOHC 5236V

-Firmware Upgrade JY07
DRU-720A | DRX-720UL | DRX-720UL/T
-Improvements: Writing performance and reliability improvements.
Download Now
Date: 10/10/05 | Size: 613 KB

KS0B for SOHW-1693S/SX | 613 KB | 2005/10/14

LS0N for SHW-16H5S | 626 KB | 2005/10/25

LiteOn SOHW-1673S: JS0D (2005/10/25) : download (official), download (unofficial), discussion

-Firmware Upgrade BYX5
DRU-710A | DRX-710UL | DRX-710UL/T
-Improvements: Writing performance and reliability improvements.
Download Now
Date: 10/25/05 | Size: 591 KB

YS0N for SHW-1635S | 624 KB | 2005/11/04

2S0B For SOHR-5239S
442KB 2005/11/04

YS0Q for SHW-1635S

Philips PCDV5016L2 F5S4 (rebadged LiteOn SOHD-16P9S)