Post new firmware and tool ANNOUNCEMENTS here (Blu-ray, HD-DVD drives only)

To make it easier for people who tune into the forum for firmware and tool updates, I think it would be a good idea for people to make a post in this thread to announce new firmwares and new tools.

This way, people can just subscribe to this thread and be notified whenever a new Blu-ray and HD DVD drives firmware or tool comes out.

The post should contain:

  1. Drive brand model (not required for tool announcement)
  2. Firmware/tool version
  3. Download link to the new firmware/tool
  4. Changelog (Release date and reason)
  5. Link to a discussion thread if one already exists

To receive notification of any announcement, subscribe to this thread by clicking this link.

This thread should be for announcements only. Do not discuss new firmware or tool in this thread. Posts are subject to deletion without notice if they do not follow this guideline.

LG GBW-H10N 4x Blu-ray (SATA) drive, Firmware GL05


  • Support Windows Vista

Alternative download link:

LG GGW-H10N 4x Blu-ray/HD DVD (SATA) drive, Firmware 1.01
Thanks to VelleX for the announcement:


  • Improve readability for BD Disc

Alternative download link:

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Sorry Zevia, I didnt see this thread and posted my own…

Toshiba HD-A3, A30, A35 & D3 Firmware Update to version 1.3!


The update information seems to be the same as version 1.1 and not very detailed…

Discussion thread:

That’s okay Hypnosis and thanks for the thread you’ve just created. :wink:

I also forgot to post new firmwares for LG drives.

[B]LG GBW-H10N, Firmware GL06[/B]

  • Improve media readability

[B]LG GGW-H10N, Firmware 1.02[/B]

  • Improve media readability
(select Produkt-Support > Triber/Firmware > DVD-ROM / DVD-Writer and find from the list)

I just got off the phone with Tosiba technical support about a possible bug with the A3 displaying 2CH when it should be displaying MULTI…

I have my A3 audio set to Bitstream for Digital Out SPDIF and PCM for Digital Out HDMI… I am connecting to a Pioneer VSX-1015TX receiver via optical out…

My A3 displays 2CH on the front status screen and my receiver shows THX CINEMA with 5.1 channels coming in… The digital signal settings on the receiver are set to Auto… If I change the SPDIF to PCM, it chooses DDPLII MV+THX instead of THX CINEMA…

Now in the A3 manual it states that if it shows 2CH its outputting 2 channels and if it shows MULTI its outputting multi-channel sound…

Toshiba tech is sending me new firmware v2.5 for the A3, so while its not on the website yet, be on the lookout for it or call tech support so they can mail it to you… They claim it fixes numerous audio and video issues…

So this is a PRE-announcement to firmware v2.5… Should I get it before its released on the site, Ill post a link here…

LG released today new Blu-ray revision xx02 firmwares at for the GGW/GGC-H20x drives. The GGW-H20N/L X/YL02 Blu-ray MIDs are listed here.

[B]LG GGW-H10N, Firmware 1.03[/B]

  • Improve BD-R Write Strategy
  • Improve Audio CD writing under Nero

There is a new firmware BBF2 for Matshita/panasonic? SW-5582 Drive on Buffalo homepage, for the OEM Model BRH2

Dont know if some can need it:

New firmware for:

Philips SPD7000BD - BPBM

[I]Changes from BPCJ to BPBM:[/I]

[li]Released on 14 January 2008.
[/li][li][B]Added writing on BD-R DL, Blu-ray Recordable Dual Layer (50GB) discs at 1x.[/B][*]Improved writing quality on BD-R from TDK.
[/li][li]Improved writing quality on CD-R from Ritek and Daxon.
[/li][li]Solved a possible hang situation in Microsoft Vista when a blank BD-RE from Panasonic was in the drive.
[/li][li]Some stability improvements.

On the Buffalo site there is an update for the


Dont know if theres a difference to XL02

Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-ray player FW version 1.5 Here (for US and Canada). Not sure what the improvements are.

[QUOTE=VelleX;1984903]On the Buffalo site there is an update for the


Dont know if theres a difference to XL02[/QUOTE]

<XJ01 → XJ02>
Sony BD-R, BD-RE media Wright was unable to control the problem.
DVD + R media to improve the quality of light.
Lead DVD-RAM media performance.
S-ATA connection, in particular PC at startup if you have a failure hangs improvement.

New firmware, version 2.0 is available for download:


[quote=Bob;1998837]No change log? Thanks CDan[/quote]Here ya go.:wink:

[B]Firmware Update Version[/B] 2.0

[B]Applicable Models:[/B] HD-A30, HD-A3, HD-D3, and HD-A35.

[B]Overview:[/B] As part of our commitment to provide world-class service to our customers, Toshiba is supplying this firmware update for use by purchasers of the Toshiba HD DVD Player models listed above. This firmware update improves support for 1080p/24Hz and auto mode(for HD-A30 and HD-A35), improves network connectivity for supporting the download of web-enabled network content associated with certain HD DVD discs, and also addresses certain disc playback and HDMI/DVI related issues identified by Toshiba.

[B]Important Note:[/B] Certain HD DVD discs may contain or have the capability of downloading studio-provided, web-enabled network content. To minimize any potential compatibility and/or connectivity issues it is recommended that you perform the firmware update process to ensure that your HD DVD player is using the latest firmware version.

Lite-on DH-4B1S New fireware(7P53):

Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-ray player FW version 1.6 Here (for US and Canada).

Improves playback compatibility.

new firmware for Pioneer BDC-S02, sorry for french in tittle


Firmware Update Ver. 1.04
New! (19/03/2008)

1.01 was the original
1.04 NEW

Now we just need someone to hack the firmware to add RPC and riplock remover. :stuck_out_tongue:

Download here :

LiteOn BD 0 DH 401S

Haven’t tried it but will update when done