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BenQ DW2000 6B31 Stock Firmware:

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Will CK release fast burn version of 6B31?

The correct translation should be:
Improved DVD burning compatibility :slight_smile:

DW2000 6B31 FastBurn firmware

[B]Download and Discussion:[/B]

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New EEPROM Utility v3.7.1 for BenQ DW1680, DW1800, DW1805, DW1810, DW2000 and DW2010 drives.

It’s now released on Codeguys Utilities page (EEPROM Utility v3.7.1) and more details here in the LiteOn forum thread.

I’d suggest anyone with these drives should take the opportunity to backup their EEPROM, while they can. :wink:

BenQ DW1810 SB31 stock
[B]Download:[/B] SB31
[B]Results and Discussion:[/B]

BenQ DW1810 SB31 FastBurn
[B]Download and Discussion:[/B]

New official firmware:
BenQ DW2000: 6B33

[B]Results and discussion:[/B]

Thanks 2601 for the update! :slight_smile:

Aopen DSW 2012P - LiteOn/BenQ OEM :slight_smile:


BenQ DW2010 5B32 Stock firmware

BenQ DW2010 5B33 here, courtesy of jasonchen.

BenQ DW200S UB32 bin firmware

BenQ DW2050 9B3A

Mirror for the BenQ DW2050 9B3A if the above link doesn’t work:

DW 200S UB32

EW 200G 6B43 firmware

BenQ DW2000 9B3B

BenQ DW2000 9B3B Official
(flasher has bug, complaining no compatible drives found)

BenQ DW2000 9B3B FlashFixed