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[B]Media code list changes from PHILIPS DVDR1660P1 P1.5 to P1.6[/B]

  • [li]Added DVD+R9
    [/li] CMC MAG D03-064 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
    RITEK D03-130 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
    RITEK S04-066 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
    [li]Added DVD-R
    [/li] WFI A16002 16x,12x,8x,4x
    [li]Added DVD-R9
    [/li] CMC MAG. AD8 4x,2x
    [li]Changed DVD+R
    [/li] OPTODISC R16-000 12x -> 16x
    Plasmon2 C01-000 12x -> 16x

Seems, we can expect a newer Benq DW1650 firmware soon :slight_smile:

I hope so. I also hope it is actually an improvement
over previous versions.

New firmware for:

Philips DVDR1668P1 - P1.6

Changes from P1.5 to P1.6:

[ul]Released on 22 August 2006.
[li]Improved writing quality on several 8x DVD+RW and 8x DVD+R Double Layer discs.
[/li][*]Microsoft WHQL certified for Windows XP: qualification is ongoing.[/ul]

BenQ DW1670 firmware 1.03

Released 01 September 2006

Release Reason: Update the writing strategy

Discussion thread:

Thanks talos_2002.

BenQ DW1650 firmware BCIC

Released 25 August 2006

Release Reason:

  1. Updated the writing strategy
  2. Improved Power Calibration Judgement.

Thanks kalpik.

BenQ DW1655 firmware BCIB

Released on 1 September 2006

Release Reason: Update writing strategy

Thanks kalpik.

TDB RPC-1 1650 firmware BCIC


Thanks alot!


New firmware for:

Philips SPD3000CC - Y5S9

Changes from firmware Y5S8 to Y5S9:

[ul]Released: 12 September 2006
[*]Improved writing quality on DVD+R Double Layer discs.[/ul]

New firmware for:

Philips SPD2400L1 - Y5H4

Changes from firmware Y5H3 to Y5H4:

[ul]Released: 13 September 2006
[*]Improved writing quality on DVD+R Double Layer discs[/ul]

BenQ EW167B v1.01 from BenQ Taiwan.

This is the first EW167B firmware release I have seen. It has the same media code table as the 7 month old Benq 1670 1.01 release. The latest Benq 1670 1.03 release is 5 month younger and has 36 additional media code entries. Hard to understand why Benq releases such an old developement level.

Thanks Zevia for BCIB.
G! :slight_smile:

Guys, beatrice from PCDVD forum is kind enough to extract the firmware for us.

Many thanks to beatrice from PCDVD (as well as Sen). :flower:

The firmware is also available here: DW1800 ZB34.rar

Thanks to beatrice and Sen helping to get the firmware. The media code list is identical to the list of the LITE-ON DVDRW LH-18A1P GL0B firmware.

Media Code Speed Edit V SE

Firmware: BENQ    DVD DC DW1800   ZB342006/10/02 11:31
Bootcode: BENQ    DVD DC DW1800   0B3A2006/10/02 11:31

Overall supported media types:  227
DVD+R9  supported media types:   19
DVD+R   supported media types:   63
DVD+RW  supported media types:   38
DVD-R9  supported media types:    7
DVD-R   supported media types:   51
DVD-RW  supported media types:   36
DVD-RAM supported media types:   13

DVD+R9  supported media types:   19
CMC MAG  D01-000 4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  D02-000 8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG  D03-064 8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG  D04-000 8x,6x,4x
FUJIFILM FR1-000 8x,6x,4x
INFOME   D01-000 4x,2.4x
MKM      001-000 4x,2.4x
MKM      003-000 8x,6x,4x
PHILIPS  CD2-000 2.4x
PHILIPS  PD2-000 2.4x
PRODISC  D01-000 4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN D00-001 4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN D01-067 8x,6x,4x
RITEK    D01-001 2.4x
RITEK    D03-001 8x,6x,4x
RITEK    S01-000 4x,2.4x
RITEK    S04-001 8x,6x,4x
RITEK    S04-066 8x,6x,4x
RITEK    X08-001 8x,6x,4x

DVD+R   supported media types:   63
AML      002-000 6x
AML      003-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
BeAll000 P40-000 4x
BeAll000 PG0-000 12x,8x,6x
CMC MAG  E01-000 8x,6x
CMC MAG  F01-000 4x
CMC MAG  M01-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
DAXON    AZ2-000 8x,6x
DAXON    AZ3-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
DAXON    CY3-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
GSC503   H01-000 8x,6x
GSC503   H02-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
INFODISC R20-000 8x,6x
INFOME   R20-000 8x,6x
INFOME   R30-000 6x
LD       S03-000 8x,6x
LD       S04-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
LGEP16   001-000 6x
MAXELL   001-000 4x
MAXELL   002-000 8x,6x
MAXELL   003-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
MBIPG101 R03-000 4x
MBIPG101 R04-001 8x,6x
MBIPG101 R05-001 16x,12x,8x,6x
MCC      002-000 4x
MCC      003-000 8x,6x
MCC      004-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
MUST     006-002 16x,12x,8x,6x
NAN YA   FLX-000 12x,8x,6x
NANYA    CHX-000 6x
NANYA    CLX-000 8x,6x
NSD      R40-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
OPTODISC OR8-000 8x,6x
OPTODISC R16-000 6x
PHILIPS  C08-000 8x,6x
PHILIPS  C16-001 12x,8x,6x
PRODISC  R02-000 4x
PRODISC  R03-003 8x,6x
PRODISC  R04-004 16x,12x,8x,6x
PRODISC  R05-001 12x,8x,6x
Philips  081-000 6x
Plasmon1 C01-000 8x,6x
RICOHJPN R01-002 4x
RICOHJPN R02-003 8x,6x
RICOHJPN R03-004 16x,12x,8x,6x
RITEK    F16-001 16x,12x,8x,6x
RITEK    P16-000 12x,8x,6x
RITEK    R02-001 4x
RITEK    R03-002 8x,6x
RITEK    R04-001 6x
RITEK    R05-001 16x,12x,8x,6x
SAST     A01-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
SONY     D11-000 8x,6x
SONY     D21-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
SONY     D21-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
TDK      001-000 4x
TDK      002-000 8x,6x
TDK      003-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
YUDEN000 T01-001 4x
YUDEN000 T01-001 8x,6x
YUDEN000 T02-000 8x,6x
YUDEN000 T03-000 16x,12x,8x,6x
YUDEN000 T03-000 18x,16x,12x,8x,6x

DVD+RW  supported media types:   38
CMC MAG  W01-000 2.4x
CMC MAG  W02-000 4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  W03-000 8x,6x
DAXON    D41-000 4x
DAXON    D42-000 4x
INFODISC A01-002 2.4x
INFODISC A10-000 4x
INFODISC A10-001 4x,2.4x
INFOME   A20-000 8x,6x
MBIPG101 W03-000 2.4x
MBIPG101 W04-000 4x,2.4x
MBIPG101 W05-000 8x,6x
MCC      A01-000 2.4x
MKM      A02-000 4x,2.4x
MKM      A03-000 8x,6x
NANYA    DRW-000 4x
NANYASC  DRW-000 2.4x
OPTODISC OP1-001 2.4x
OPTODISC OP8-000 8x,6x
PHILIPS  010-002 4x
PHILIPS  041-000 4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  RW8-000 8x,6x
PRODISC  W01-002 2.4x
PRODISC  W02-000 4x
PRODISC  W03-000 8x,6x
RICOHJPN W01-000 2.4x
RICOHJPN W01-001 2.4x
RICOHJPN W11-001 4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN W21-001 8x,6x
RITEK    001-001 2.4x
RITEK    004-048 4x,2.4x
RITEK    008-000 8x,6x
RITEK    W04-000 4x,2.4x
SENTINEL W01-000 2.4x
SENTINEL W02-000 4x
SONY     S11-000 4x,2.4x
SONY     S21-000 8x,6x

DVD-R9  supported media types:    7
CMC MAG. AD4    4x,2x
CMC MAG. AD8    8x,6x,4x
MKM 01RD30      4x,2x
MKM 03RD30      8x,6x,4x
RITEKP01        4x,2x
RITEKP02        8x,6x,4x
TYG11           8x,6x,4x

DVD-R   supported media types:   51
BeAll G16001    12x,8x,6x
CMC MAG. AE1    8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG. AF1    4x
CMC MAG. AM1    12x,8x,6x
CMC MAG. AM3    16x,12x,8x,6x
DAXON008S       8x,6x,4x
DAXON016S       16x,12x,8x,6x
FUJIFILM03      8x,6x,4x
FUJIFILM04      16x,12x,8x,6x
GSC003          8x,6x,4x
GSC004          8x,6x,4x
INFODISC-R20    8x,6x,4x
LEADDATA S03    8x,6x,4x
MBI 01RG20      4x
MBI 01RG40      16x,12x,8x,6x
MBI 03RG40      16x,12x,8x,6x
MCC 01RG20      4x
MCC 02RG20      8x,6x,4x
MCC 03RG20      16x,12x,8x,6x
MCC 03RG20      16x,12x,8x,6x
MUST 007        16x,12x,8x,6x
MXL RG02        4x
MXL RG03        8x,6x,4x
MXL RG04        16x,12x,8x,6x
MXL RG04        16x,12x,8x,6x
NAN YA A01      8x,6x,4x
NAN YA F02      12x,8x,6x
OPTODISCR008    8x,6x,4x
OPTODISCR016    16x,12x,8x,6x
PRINCO          4x
ProdiscF01      8x,6x,4x
ProdiscF02      16x,12x,8x,6x
ProdiscS04      8x,6x,4x
ProdiscS05      12x,8x,6x
RITEKF1         16x,12x,8x,6x
RITEKF1         16x,12x,8x,6x
RITEKG04        4x
RITEKG05        6x,4x
RITEKM02        4x
RITEKM16        12x,8x,6x
SONY08D1        8x,6x,4x
SONY16D1        16x,12x,8x,6x
TTG01           4x
TTG02           8x,6x,4x
TTH01           8x,6x,4x
TTH02           16x,12x,8x,6x
TYG01           4x
TYG02           8x,6x,4x
TYG03           16x,12x,8x,6x
TYG03           18x,16x,12x,8x,6x
UME01           8x,6x,4x

DVD-RW  supported media types:   36
CMCW02          2x
CMCW03          4x
CMCW04          6x,4x
DAXON_RW2X01    2x
JVC/VictorT7    1x
JVC0VictorD7    4x
JVC1Victord7    6x,4x
JVC_VictorW7    2x
MCC 00RW11N9    1x
MCC 01RW11n9    2x
MCC 01RW4X      4x
MKM 01RW6X01    6x,4x
OPTODISCK001    1x
OPTODISCK001    2x
OPTODISCW002    2x
OPTODISCW004    4x
OPTODISCW006    6x,4x
PRINCO          1x
PRINCO          2x
PRINCORW0004    4x
PRINCORW2X01    2x
PVCW00D002K9    2x
PVCW00V00245    2x
Prodisc DW04    2x
Prodisc DW06    4x
ProdiscDVDRW    1x
RITEK000V11A    1x
RITEKW01        2x
RITEKW04        4x
RITEKW06        6x,4x
SONY000000U9    1x
TDK501saku]3    1x
TDK502sakuM3    2x
TDK601saku      4x
TDK701saku      6x,4x

DVD-RAM supported media types:   13
MXL16             5x
MXL22             12x,8x,6x
MXL8              3x
MXL9              3x
MatsushiM01J0002  1x
MatsushiM01J0007  1x
MatsushiM01J0008  3x
MatsushiM01J3002  1x
MatsushiM01J3003  3x
MatsushiM01J3004  3x
MatsushiM01J5006  5x
MatsushiM01JF001  12x,8x,6x
Optodisc          1x

Here’s an unlocked flasher version of ZB34, which also allows crossflashing from the LiteOn LH-18A1P:

[B]Note:[/B] Make sure you make a backup of the EEPROM, using the EEPROM Utility, before flashing from GLxx to ZB34.

I was looking for an updated firmware for my 2 year old and still working HP640i (DW1625) and found firmware QS12 by HP, could someone add this to mediacodespeededit ?? i tried to open this with the latest version, but it doesnt show any DVD+R media codes ?
Release Date: 2006-04-18 Version: QS12


A firmware update for the HP dvd640i DVD Writer.


Fixed CD-ROM disc mount issue


  1. LS disc printing communication fail (print buffer interpretation, USB bridge compatibility)

  2. Disable supporting Ricoh +R DL

  3. Reflection NOK on LS label side

  4. [LS] Communication Issues with HP LSHS for Windows (Read command compatibility)

  5. CMC +R DL support with Philips WS