Post new BenQ / Philips firmware and tool ANNOUNCEMENTS here

To make it easier for people who tune into the forum for firmware and tool updates, I think it’ll be a good idea for people to make a post in this thread to announce new firmware or tools.

This way, people can just subscribe to this thread and be notified whenever a new BenQ/Philips/rebadge firmware or tool comes out.

This thread should be for announcements of new firmware and tools only.
[size=2]Do not discuss new firmwares or tools in this thread. [/size]

Posts are subject to deletion without notice if they do not follow this guideline. Ideally, each announcement should have a download link and Release Reason, and, if there is one, a link to that firmware’s support and discussion thread.

To start off… here are the two new firmwares that were announced today:

Philips 1648P: P2.2 - download / [thread=148985]discussion & more info[/thread]

BenQ EW164B: BEFB - download / [thread=148986]discussion & more info[/thread]

Philips DVD8601 (OEM DW1600): KD10 - download (Dell OEM)

Benq 1640 Firmware BSMB

Qsuite v2.1

Personally, I think this is a bad idea.
There are those like myself who don’t read long threads and as this thread gets longer it makes it more difficult to locate any pertaining information.

If you do not follow the thread religeously it becomes very easy to miss the news of new firmware releases. A lot can happen in say 2 weeks if you let that time slip by without visiting the thread.

I think new releases are better posted as they were, where the subject line is right up front and pretty much describes the contents of the thread for all to see.

This would only be effective if the first post of this thread is updated to reflect the new firmware whenever there is a new release, rather than having to sort through pages and pages just to find out if there is a new release.

Just some constructive criticism.

A RPC1 version of BSMB for the DW1640 is now available. Those guys work fast!

Has anyone installed this? did it work ok? thanks! just got my 1640 yesterday
and upgraded the firmware to BSMB (downloaded it from BENQ’a site)

sure it works okay! Best firmware yet, especially better with dvd-r media.
The read speed is not patched, you can choose to do so with the ala42 tool, but it will make your drive noisier with reading, so use it at your own risk :wink:

I want it,but something is wrong,I can’t connect to that page,can somebody give me one :bow:

All download links at are working. :slight_smile:

You maybe should disable firewall if you have probs.

But I have not installed firewall,I am in China,and use ADSl

just enable, REFERRER LOGGING, in ur browser. this site requires url validation [referrer logging] to start downloads.

What’s the best firmware version you can use with a DW1640 ? I’m pretty confused as i’ve seen people with 2 or 3 drives (all 3 , DW1640 ! ) and each of them had different firmware…

Where should i read about this ? or …?

Thx a lot :wink:

Stay on Topic Pls!


new firmware for sony dru-810a

wonder if benq tools would now work.

Media table of “SONY DVD RW DRU-810A 1.0d Oct19,2005” is identical to BSJB.

Thanks ala42.
So now we can crossflash back and forth between DRU-810A, DW1640 and PX-740.

Hi :slight_smile:
New today 1640 BSNB.

About BSNB… ‘Support FTI 16x DVD-R Media’? excuse my ignorance but what’s FTI?

FTI is a media code, but I don’t know which brand or the maker. BSMB supports only FTI.016 (DVD+R 16x) and now BSNB added FTI.RG16 (DVD-R 16x).