Post LG CD-R scans here


how do your LG drives perform with CD-R media? It would be great to see some more scans, also from more recent drives.
As there is not only C1/C2 error figures, but also jitter, that matters, scans taken with Benq drives are preferred :slight_smile:

Let me begin:
52x rated Verbatim Pastell (TY), burned at 24x on GSA-4163B FW A106
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Next one:
52x rated Verbatim Pastell (TY), burned at 24x on GSA-4167B FW DL13 on my brothers machine. The disc was overburned, I stopped the scanning at the 80 min position.

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I really wonder if the newer drives are still that excellent, I am just considering getting a 4167 for my collection :bigsmile:


are BenQ drives really OK for scanning CDs ?
i seem to remember some problem with them, something about C2 error reporting. but i’m not really sure.


there might be indeed some issues, but normally it should be okay. At least with good discs the results I get with the Benq are in accordance to the results of my Liteon CDRW (the Benq reports error figures, that are 3-4x higher, but this relation is rather constant).
On the other hand, there aren’t much drives left that are able to scan CD media including jitter.
So I think Benq scans are okay here, but it is not bad to confirm these with another drive like a Liteon CDRW (not a DVDRW - these are useless as CD-scanners).

If you want to have a deeper look at differences between Benq scans and Liteon CDRW scans, for CD media written on different drives, then these threads might be useful:


thanks for the links.
when i get a bit of time i’ll read them over.

Verbatim - Tayo Yuden burned at 16x. Well, not bad, but I think this burner can do better.

Don’t you just love these jitter values?! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Forgot to say, burned with 4167.


Great scan :clap:

Well, not bad, but I think this burner can do better.
:iagree: see above. Maybe try 24x, too :slight_smile:

Don’t you just love these jitter values?! :slight_smile:
Very nice! :bow: The 4163/4167 are really great with that media :iagree:

I wonder, how the H10/H20 and also the 4166/2164/2166 drives would perform…


If you’d only started this thread a week back, before I swapped out my 4167 for my NEC, I could have had a go at answering that question :bigsmile: - luckily, we have pejakm’s contribution :wink:


You are invited to post a scan here in order to see if that was a good decision :bigsmile: I expect at least a disc written at 24x :slight_smile:

  • luckily, we have pejakm’s contribution :wink:
    And I also provided a 4167 scan - good thing my brother has one :slight_smile:

P.S.: Didn’t you post a 4167 scan in the blank media forum? I think, I saw that recently…

Post a scan of an NEC burned disc? But that would be off-topic :wink:

Yeah, all the 4167 scans in this thread are very nice :iagree:…and I might have done, I can’t remember :o

Edit: here’s one I dug up that was burned on my 4163B at 32x:


Anywhere else? Why not? :slight_smile: But so we can compare :wink:

Edit: here’s one I dug up that was burned on my 4163B at 32x:
Very very nice :iagree:


I’ll see what I can do in the CDR/RW tests forum, just for you to compare :slight_smile:

And thankyou! :slight_smile:

CD-R Memorex (52x) slim case - Moser Baer burned@48x with [B]GSA-H20L[/B] (1.01)

Some other burns with GSA-H20L 1.01

[B]Verbatim 52x LightScribe[/B] burned@48x- ID : Verbatim

[B]Fujifilm 52x[/B] -CDspeed “Advanced DAE test disc” burned@48x - ID: Ritek


very nice. Seems as if H20 is also capable of producing very-low-jitter burns :slight_smile:


Altough jitter is a little bumpy, I would say this is a decent burn.

Burner: LG 4165@4167B DJ13
Application: Burrn 1.14 beta 2
Burn speed: 32x
Disc: Verbatim Tayo Yuden 52x


You have scanned that disc at 12x? Maybe try scanning at 40x (this is normally my “standard”) or at “Maximum” (as most people do). Also, sweet spot of 52x Verbatims (are they Pastel discs?) seems to be 24x.


Yup, I always scan CD’s at 12x.
And yes, they are Pastel. I did this one at 32x because it wasn’t full. But it did hit 32x zone…