Post here your "RMA" experiences with Plextors 7XX




Post here “bad” experiences with yours “brand new” Plextors 7XX! In every message write your situation with Model (708XX, 712XX & 716XX), TLA# and/or eventually firmware upgrades out of box!

Please remember to write also Burning Software and OS (W95 / W98(SE) / WME / W2000 / W2003 / WXP(H/P)SPx). If you want you can tell also your mobo configuration and Cable (40 / 80) with Master OR Slave!

Maybe this thread can help other users.


I’ll give my detailed answer, maybe in a week and a few days.
Just made a RMA today, so let’s see what i’ll get, cause I got no
rma number till yet. :slight_smile:


My experience was 100% positive. Asked for an RMA and within a couple if hours got the number. DHL picked up my drive the next day and exactly one week later a brand new drive was delivered to me. I had an 0203 drive and got back a new 0304.

Happy camper, zero complaints…i know why now you pay more for Plextor drives!


You’ll have to expand on this, how a bad RMA experience can help other users. My own RMA experience was nothing but positive. The drive was replaced in under a week, and the replacement unit functions perfectly in every way.


My experience is very positive!I get the new drive and must destroy my defect one!After 2 Days from the RMA, the new drive arrived.


In one day(29.12.2004) my old trusted 4012A won’t work anymore.
So I was sending an e-mail to Plextor and in next day they sent me RMA number. 31.12.2004 they delivered brand new 5224 drive to DHL. 03.01.2005 at 10.30AM or something like that DHL delivered it to me. BTW: I live in Estonia.
In new drive package was letter where they actually inform me, that might be in some day, they send to me DHL to get the old drive.
So I can’t tell nothing bad from Plextors support and RMA service.
My Premium TLA0001 works like a charm almost 2 years.


“Bad” experiences? Please. One day my PX-708A just stopped writing. I called Plex, got an RMA immediately and exchanged for a new perfect unit. Door to door was one week (I was living in Cali at the time). Awesome service, that’s why I bought my PX-712SA.


I’ll admit I got great customer service, too. On FIVE bad PX-716As in a row.


Well, there’s a reason that I still have my PX-712SA :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, given the ridiculous prices of DL media there was no reason to upgrade.


Mmm, lessee, had a 716A TLA#0203. Was basically working okay, but had very long disc recognition times and that nasty nasty vibration problem at certain speeds.

Requested an RMA, DHL guy came and delivered it after about a week (?).
Didn’t have to return the old drive!!

The new unit (#0304) still had problems, so I requested an RMA for that too. Had to return both units, but just rang up DHL and got them to pick it up.
Few days later, got a replacement which works!

Their after-sales service is definitely the best of any company I’ve dealt with!

If they sort out their QA problems, they’ll be back at the #1 spot for me :wink:

Edit: This was with the Belgium devision btw.


I’d be interested if any of the people here who had positive experiences, dealt w/Plextor USA. As I know this is an international forum, I can never assume what country a post came from. I have read numerous times that people who deal w/Plextor Europe have generally positive experiences. My experience was w/Plextor USA.

My experience can only be described a hellish. I purchased a 716A in January, for a new system that I built. I’d always had good luck w/Plextor in the past, and admired the quality of the drives enough that I was willing to pay the premium price to have one.

Within 1 week the drive began to have problems reading and writing disks. I sent an email to Plextor, requesting advice. They didn’t write back. Within 3-4 weeks, the drive refused to read or write anything. After sending more emails, I received a reply from Plextor. I explained that my drive was exhibiting behavior I had seen described on other forums.

I had expected that a premium company like Plextor would say something like, “Oh, yes, we are sorry, we have been experiencing problems w/that drive. We’ll issue a call tag and have it picked up for exchange.” I guess that was naive of me.

I got mostly canned, boilerplate responses that didn’t really answer the questions I was asking. They just said to run the diagnostic, which involves getting into your computer, disconnecting the IDE cable, setting the jumper a certain way, inserting a perfectly good disk, and powering up the system while holding the Eject button (as I recall, this is the sequence).

My drive was, indeed, bad: the diagnostic resulted in two green blinks from the LED, which meant “initialization error”.

Even tho I explained over and over that the drive had begun to go bad after only a week, and that since I had bought it from Newegg, I had to do warranty thru Plextor, they still said they would not pay for shipping to them. This was just the tech support dept. Finally, I guess they got tired of dealing w/me (I can be persistent), so they said to ask the RMA dept. The RMA dept. never returned any of my emails. Ever.

Defeated, I sent the drive back at my expense. Even tho I live in Northern California, and Plextor USA is based in Northern California, I had to ship the drive to Ohio, which made it more expensive.

Finally, about THREE MONTHS after I had first emailed Plextor, I received the replacement drive.

I installed it, and it began to fail even more quickly than the first one had. It failed, w/the same initialization error code.

I was rather incensed, as you can imagine. Plextor did not return any of my emails, which were, naturally, written in an irritated tone, but I kept to the facts, and did not swear, nor cast aspersions on their ancestors. They did not respond.

I sent an email to their official Public Relations dept., explaining the situation, saying I’d had enough of that treatment, and was ready to start posting my experiences in forums like this one. They also did not ever respond.

Finally, in desperation, I contacted Newegg. I thoroughly explained the situation to them, attached documentation, and got them to agree to take back the drive. At first, I thought to exchange it for yet another, but after reading many more experiences like my own, I asked them to refund.

After some hemming and hawing, they said they’d refund, minus a 15% restocking fee. I wasn’t exactly sure why they would restock a bad drive, but at this point I just wanted out.

I was out $130 (US) for the drive, $11 to ship it to Plextor, and another $8 to ship to Newegg. I had also been dealing w/this nightmare for FOUR months. What I will get back for the drive will be around $110.

Someone in reply to one of my earlier posts (do a search, and you will find my posts; one includes an awful scan of a disk from the Plextor, as it was failing), said that people were overreacting to this situation, and “looking for problems”. Even tho a lot of what I said here was anecdotal, it was always backed up by the drive’s own diagnostics. I find those results pretty hard to argue with.

So, I’m glad that so many people seem to have had good experiences w/this drive. Mine were not good, to say the least. And my original feeling, which hasn’t changed, was that if a company was going to charge that much for a drive–nearly three times what I paid for an NEC 3520A OEM–then I expected to receive premium service. In reality, I feel like I was basically told to f*** off. While my emails were firm, the tone was not really much different than the tone my posts here take. I didn’t scream, I didn’t threaten to sue; I did say I thought the treatment was unfair, and really could not believe they were doing what they were doing. I still can’t.

For the record, I’ve had several Plextor drives over the years, and they have always performed well–which is why I chose them as my drive of choice for my new system. I still have a 708UF which still works. And in the entire time I’ve used optical drives–from my very first 1x CD-ROM–I’ve never had a drive fail before I retired it just to upgrade.

So my conclusions to this fiasco are:

  1. The drive shouldn’t have failed. But stuff happens, so I could forgive that if…

  2. Plextor had immediately and unquestioningly moved to replace the drive, wholly at their expense. I told them that, yes, if the drive had failed 11 months into the 12-month warranty, I would be more willing to pay shipping. I thought it was unfair I should have to pay shipping on a drive which began to fail after 1 week of use, and when I had no other options to return/exchange.

  3. I’ve been working with, repairing, upgrading, building computers for almost 20 years. I’ve dealt w/a lot of tech companies, both for myself, and for clients when I consulted. I thought a previous experience w/Dell was my number one bad experience, but the Plextor mess has far replaced it as number one.

  4. Plextor had enough user feedback info when the first drive went bad to surely know what what was wrong. By the time I got to the second drive, I cannot fathom how they could still have, in good conscience, played dumb.

  5. This may not matter, but the TLA# on the first drive was 0203. The TLA on the second drive was also 0203. 03xx TLA’s were on the market at that time. I didn’t know enough about the TLA factor at that time to make it an issue. I felt they should have sent me the most up-to-date drive they had. Instead, they sent me basically the same drive, w/a serial # only a few thousand increments newer than the one I sent them.

There’s more detail to this situation, of course, including a lot of emails and such, but I think I’ve taken up plenty of space w/this. My ultimate recommendation to anyone thinking of getting this drive: buy it local, make sure you have at least 30 days to return (because it can take that long for it to go bad), and make sure they don’t charge a restocking fee.

Because despite my experiences, I thought that when the drive actually worked, it was pretty amazing. I wish I was as lucky as some of you, who have good ones. Between my NEC and my LG, I can do 95% of what that Plextor could do, but I will miss that last 5%. I do not, however, miss Plextor the company, and find it difficult to believe that I will ever purchase another, especially since both my LG and NEC together didn’t cost as much as a single Plextor.

Good luck w/the drive, and make sure you CYA if you deal w/Plextor USA.


Plextor 716A, TLA #0203. RMA’ed, confirmed after a few hours, replaced within a few days with a #0304 drive. That one RMA’ed, confirmed after a few days because of the weekend, shipped to Belgium this week for investigation.


My Lord I don’t get it why you request this but reading all the post looks to me like a nice service if you are in US.Plextor Canada is not that fast in fixing stuff and after this not very pleasent experience I gave up Plextor for Pioneer.I use to have a Plextor cd burner 24x and I can tell was the best at that time.With this in my mind I got a very pricy 708A.After a few months when I started using the drive very often I had problem after problem so I e-mail to Plextor my problem and I got in the RMA system.Limit of time for it I send it by mail in 2 days from coast to coast about $35 CDN in a very proper antistatic package because this was te request from Memofix Hitech.After about 2 weeks of checking finally my Plextor arrived by surface and not very new but with a new TLA.Mine was made in november 2003 the one I received was made dec 2003.Install did not work for one DVD and I have two computers but for cd was ok.I gave up requesting another RMA on my money and Memofix Hitech Services is not one of my favorite after the way that “fix” my drive.To make a difference a Pioneer 108 bare drive was $100 if I knew about Memofix style to fix drives I would save the money for shipping.Now I’m very happy with the Pioneer did not gave up on me and my back up on my second computer is a Sony D22 some people said is a rebadged Lite-On.So far works ok and I have a real collection of burning software on my computers Nero Roxio VSO Clone DVD2 etc etc.All of them works ok compared with Plextor a real pain for me.


Tanks for your support… please continue with yours “RMA” experiences…


I’ve had a problem with one Plextor drive once. I had a Premium that would show very strange results when performing C1/C2 tests (it would only report a huge amount of CU errors). The drive was replaced the same week. Plextor Europe’s service is excellent. It’s too bad not everyone with a problem drive has the same experience as me.

  1. This may not matter, but the TLA# on the first drive was 0203. The TLA on the second drive was also 0203. 03xx TLA’s were on the market at that time. I didn’t know enough about the TLA factor at that time to make it an issue. I felt they should have sent me the most up-to-date drive they had. Instead, they sent me basically the same drive, w/a serial # only a few thousand increments newer than the one I sent them.
    I don’t agree with this personally. There are lots of people who have a TLA#02xx drive which works fine, myself included. A lower TLA does not mean a lower quality drive.


I’ve 2 tla 0203, working excellent and my 3rd one a tla0305 is now
going to RMA, for example!


As I said, “This may not matter”. Apparently, it doesn’t. Tho it would have been nice if they had at least made the attempt to send me the most up-to-date TLA they had. It’s just one more of the many, many reasons I can’t see myself buying Plextor again.


I got my first 712A from newegg. Burn bad with Samsung TY01 4x DVD+R @8x. In the same time I took another 712A from bestbuy to compare. Result: the same, bad burn on TY01. Return the second drive to bestbuy and RMAed the first drive through newegg. Got a brand new one from newegg although it was used for 4 months. Long story short, all three 712A were just fine, problem was… bad batch of Samsung TY01. At that time, it was the only “quality” media I got.

716A… I’m using my 3rd now, exchanged twice at local bestbuy.

Never experienced RMA through Plextor since I understand we will get a refurbished drive from them.


Thanks Zevia for your experience and answer. I have always buy Plextor products, from the “Rock Burner” 161040 of 2001, to “Good Burner” PX712A (TLA#0101) and last PX716A (TLA#0304). :iagree:

Little Trick which i have found with this burner: when i have insert PX716A on my “old 2002 Mobo ASUS P4B533”, it have only UDMA2 by default during the starting post screen, but in the bios i have selected manually UDMA4 after some days of perfect “CD/DVD burnings” at UDMA2, and now the Burner is gone again perfectly… With UDMA2 i had 25MB/s like tested with FEURIO 1.68, with UDMA4 the speed was now 37MB/s always tested with FEURIO 1.68. But this speed is REAL? Is important for burnings? Actually my Mobo can “go” up to UDMA5 for Optical Drives and UDMA5 for Hard Drives! Thanks ASUS… Thanks Plextor… thanks “80 Cables”! :bow:

Never a problem, fortunally… but Plextor Inc. have always helped his users with the RMA-Procedure in very short times, maybe is this because his Burners have a high cost on the market… :confused:

I have opened this Thread for ALL users, not only for RMA-Users! This maybe will be a Help for new Plextor Users to solve hardware problem “out-of-box”. Hope…


I’ll get maybe these days my new one.
I could only say the european plextor customer support is fast, they’re very helpful and with other words really good. :slight_smile: