POST GSA-H22L Firmware 1.01 Here!

Where is this firmware and why can 't we get it? I 've every link for it. THe only thing close is the 1.01 for the H22N and we can’t use that cause it doesn’t have the Lightscribe.

Any body have this firmware please post it here! :bow:

Version FW 1.00 really sucks :a and makes this drive a very poor and slow writer/reader. :sad:

This could be because your drive has turned at PIO mode.
Check this.

No it is not in PIO mode. Once again do you know where the FW 1.01 update can be found.
Thanks for the sugestion.

It’s not available for download. I don’t know if Buffalo has a clone of it and available firmware.

How do I reach Buffalo? And don’t say take a left at Syracuse.

I have too an LG GSA-H22L with firmware 1.00… I’m waiting for the 1.01 firmware to appear somewhere on the web, but it seems I will have to wait much longer… I have installed the firmware tool from LG but they don’t upgrade my drive through that. I can’t understand why it’s so hard to release an update. :a

LG Technical Support sucks ! How can they make such good drives in terms of quality and technology, and not provide adequate firmware support. No new firmware for GSA-H22L for 6 months!!! And it desperately needs new firmware. For 6 months LiteOn would release at least 3 new versions for their latest drives.
LG, are you reading this: WE NEED NEW FIRMWARE!!! :slight_smile:

H22L firmware version 1.02 is available here
I’ve just flashed my drive with it, don’t know what differences there are yet though.

ß Ver:1.02
¡ß Improvement Point
-. Support Windows Vista

Wow, so many changes ^^

EDIT: Seems new MCSE needed
EDIT2: Well, when extracted the bin file, it was able to load it into MCSE. And than flash it with WINFLS6X.EXE, right? ^^

They skipped the 1.01 and went away to 1.02!
Awesome!!! :clap: :bow: :iagree:
Firmware is everywhere now!

Right, or take WinFlash6X.exe from the GSA-H22N_101 cdrlabs package.

Does it only work with the Internal 18X Super multi DVD Writer? I am not sure what I have, but it is the GSA-H22L, not sure of the specs though and don’t want to ruin it…

Also, does the CONTRAST drive work with the H22L as well? (the one to make the lightscribe darker)?

I can’t seem to get MCSE to load the firmware from the H22L firmware executable (GSA-H22L102.exe) so that I can tweak the firmware before flashing. Any ideas? (am I missing something?)


Start with reading :slight_smile:

Hmm, this may sound stupid, but I accidently flashed it with the GSA-H22N file instead of the GSA-H22L. It still works by what I’ve tested, haven’t tested the LightScribe which I doubt will work since I just converted mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:
It should be no problem to flash the H22L firmware.

Well, I just used MCSE and riplock patched it and made certain that I patched the correct flash :wink: and flashed it to my GSA-H22L burner and it took it perfectly, now I just have to test it. I know for one that it burns cd’s because I’m listening to one that I burnt a few minutes after flashing in my second drive.

Ahh… I missed the

"LG GSA-4164/4166/H20/H21/H22/H30/H31

  • Firmware has to be in .bin format. Firmware.exe packages need to be extracted with winrar."


PS: Thanks for making great software!!!

“We are sorry that this page is not available right now.
Please notify this situation to your subsidiary contact-point or
GCSC Master with the name of the error page.
Please capture and send us the error page if it is possible.
Thank You!”

You have to wait, counts for all LG sites.