Post Gap option in discjuggler?



Do i need to enable the Add Post Gap option to create a dvd video?


Hello Madsharpei.

DiscJuggler’s “Create new DVDs” task is has the best configuration by default for dragging a VIDEO_TS directory to a disc layout and writing it.

The “Add post-gap” option is for writing information to CDs; especially when writing disc images of unknown origin (referred to as 3rd party images in DiscJuggler’s interface).

Take care.


hey joel what is best extra options to check when backing up a audio cd…i found that some cds like Nelly - Suit when read with RAW and PQ checked leaves track 11 skipping and a garbled ToC


It depends on the capabilities of your drive, but traditionally the first 3 options (Scan gaps/indexes, ISRC and UPC, and CD-TEXT) copy all of the data you’d want from an Audio CD.


iam going to start a new thread if you dont mind called Discjuggler Audio Settings…i will have more indepth system configurations in the post


Thanks Joel for replying. :slight_smile:

I have another question.

How much MB should i set the L2cache.The default is 16MB.Ive set it to 32-48MB.My max memory is 512MB.