Post enter the matrix copy protection here!

I haven’t gotten my copy yet, so whoever manages to do so first, post the copy protection!

Well, according to here the copy protection is Securom. I assume it would be Securom NEW 4.8x.

Its SecuROM new V according to ClonyXXL v2.0.15

Tested with Alcohol 1.4.3 (503)
Yes, it is protected with SecuROM
And it works fine via emulation in the Alcohol virtual drive and the CD-R in a physical drive with RMPS.

So I assume that twinpeaks will work too

I also had success backing my copy using A120% with the Secrom"NEW"4x settings. The only setting I did change was the read and write speeds to 4X not max. Takes a lil longer but i don’t care.
I also don’t need to use any emulation or hide CDRMedia, however I think thats due to the :bow: Toshiba DVD drive. :bow:

Also I have the new Clony and it told me “none” or “bad sectors” with 4 skulls :confused: . I thought that was weird.

yea when you just scanned all four of the cds…clonny couldnt not find the .EXE…so it does the SECTOR SCAN

but if you install the game…and rerun clonny from any cd and click yes if the is intalled …and point to the right directory…it will bring up with SecuROM *new and the version number!!!

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Thanks wakemonkeypimp good to know, I almost always back my games up before I install them.

@ YourAss,
You use your Tosh to read and don’t need to emulate? How so? I have same drive. How do you set up your reading? I mean you just changed it to 4x and you can play off the disk without emulation? With Securom? I gotta’ try this tonight after work. Or do you read with another burner and just play off the Toshi?:slight_smile:

CShark I read with the Tosh and burn with the Lite-on.
As for not needing emulation I really don’t know what to say, cause it just works, safedisc, securom whatever. All my back ups play as real play discs all the time.
My friend has the same Tosh and an LG burner and the same for him, every back up is recognized as a real disc.
If there was something more I could tell you I would, but I don’t know, it just works everytime. :smiley: I’ll talk to my friend and see if he has anything to add.
I remember talking to him a long while ago about this and we came to the conclusion that it had to be the Tosh cause my Pioneer 117 DVD would do a thing, it would just sit there with the backup disc inside.
Like I said I’ll try to get some more info for you.
Maybe FutureProof :bow: can have a go at it? He seems to know ALOT about all this.
I’ll try and get back to ya asap.

oops sorry CShark I also play only from the Tosh.:cool:

I have had similar experiences with some safedic 2.8 and secure rom new titles. using the toshiba 1612 as a reader and my lite on 4826Sas thewriter the copis would play from the toshiba in my machine or the two other toshiba’s in my two other machines but they would not work in any other DVD drive or CD ROM/Cd Writer.

but if I build a BWA file and use twinpeaks I can burn copies of those games that work in any DVD ROM/ CD ROM. or using alcohol on safedisc 2.8 makes a copy that runs the same. (but burning a copy with clone CD of a safe disc 2.8 game usually ends up working in only the toshiba or not at al.

Originally posted by iss

But if I build a BWA file and use twinpeaks I can burn copies of those games that work in any DVD ROM/ CD ROM.

I have no problems backing up Safedisc2.8 with Alcohol120%, but my successes with Securom New (4.8x) are more sporadic. The games install fine, but sometimes the games won’t start with the disc. I know how to build a BWA file, but don’t know much about twinpeaks. Are you doing something to the BWA file with the twinpeaks thingy somehow? If someone could link me to a thread covering this, I’d be thankfull.


here is the link to philamber’s how to thread on burning securerom new protected disks using alcohol, a BWA file and twinpeaks I have had great sucess using his method. the hardest part is building the BWA file. through trial and error I learned I could only do so at 1X and do NOTHING else while the BWA file is being built and that included shutting off my screensaver.( I once had a perfect BWA file going and was almost finished when my screensaver cut in and wham the BWA file went to hell it was unusable)

Thx a lot iss. I’ll go check it out tomorrom. Right now I have to find my bed…

Ok, so here’s the deal. I have a shitty samsung 16x dvd drive, and I have been trying to make a perfect twinpeak copy of enter the matrix. The thing is, I can’t tell if it’s good or not, because I’m quite sure that my dvd-rom does not read twin sectors (it fails the clonecd reading test, you know, it gives read errors where the twin sectors are.) I made the copy with my liteon 52x, firmware 6S0C. If i put on clonecd’s atip hider, then the cd will verify as quickly as the original does and then the game starts. If i had a good reader, say the liteon 16x, would the copy work? I guess another way to pose the quesiton is: If the twinpeak/clonecd copy works in the liteon with atip hiding on, does that mean i made a good copy of it? Also, if not, would it be worth it for me to buy a non-shitty dvd-rom drive such as the liteon 16x? Thanks.

P.s. - My BWA is downloaded, and it is perfect, no spikes. I used twinstep 15, and read only to 50,000 sectors.

Originally posted by I Yearn to Burn
If the twinpeak/clonecd copy works in the liteon with atip hiding on, does that mean i made a good copy of it?

Yes. :slight_smile:


it’s interesting to hear your success with the Toshiba DVD drives, as I’m having no luck with mine. :confused:

(This is with Vice City btw but Securom new just the same!)

I’m using the older Toshiba SD-M1212, and I can’t get a twinpeak patched CD to be recognised quickly enough.

I followed philamber’s CloneCD and also Alcohol guide to make the CD, and tried a downloaded .bwa and also made my own with Blindwrite (4.4b). In all cases the CD produced when used in the Toshiba drive is really slow in authorising the disc, and when it gets into the game each time VC checks the CD again it pauses for quite a few seconds (e.g. getting in and out of cars).

The even stranger situation is, that despite philamber saying that Securom has an ATIP check, if I play with the patched CD in the Lite-On writer it authorises it straight away and plays the game fine! This is on Win XP pro with absolutely NO copying software, or DVD region fiddlers etc. installed.

Now I’m really confused as to what’s going on! LOL

The only trouble is playing with the CD in the writer, is that it keeps spinning up all the time, but even the original play disc does exactly the same thing. If that little quirk could be gotten around somehow, I’d be satisfied. :slight_smile:

Really disappointing that the Toshiba doesn’t appear to like Securom (this is the first experience I’ve had with Securom) as all Safedisc copies work absolutely brilliantly.


Thanks philamber, now I’ve gotten over another protection with my system. However, as to the comments about my piece of shit dvd-rom drive, think i should buy one of those cheap as hell lite-on dvd-rom’s?

Originally posted by I Yearn to Burn
think i should buy one of those cheap as hell lite-on dvd-rom’s?

Yep. They’re cheap, reliable and good fast readers.

Unlike Tosh dvds, the Liteys are extremely tolerant of copied cds, including those using twin sectors (i.e. latest securom versions). Once you’ve got one you won’t bother playing originals or back-up copies on anything else (except perhaps for testing purposes; I certainly don’t).

Reasonably fast error skippers (not a patch on an Asus cdrw but then nothing is) and they’re also good sub-code readers (necessary for older versions of securom and libcrypt protected psx).

Only limitation is that they’re not quite accurate enough pre-gap readers to reliably copy sd 2.8+ with discjuggler. However, since they work fine as readers for sd 2.8+ with both alcohol and discdump/fireburner, that isn’t really an issue.

Thanks phil, don’t know what i’d do without you…'cept maybe let secrom drive me to drink. That makes me think of a pun involving “securum”, but i won’t go there…