Post Deleted in Nec Optical Drive forum

Would someone be so kind as to tell me why my post in the Nec Optical Drives forum was deleted just now?

I can only assume that it was against forum rules, most likely discussing an illegal subject. The proper way to address this issue is contacting the responsible moderator(s) of that forum, rather than starting a thread about it.

The heading for this forum (CD Freaks Forum Talk) states:

When you want to address a forum related issue (incorrectly deleted or edited posts, violation of rules etc.) you can post it here.

That certainly makes it sound like this is the place for my question to be posted.

Read the whole story here.

This is because the respective moderator is most likely the one who took the disputed action. If you feel that the respective moderator is not taking you seriously, then you can contact an admin or, as a last resort, start a thread here as mentioned in this forum’s heading.