Post count?

post count is going down? :confused:

What was yours before? :bigsmile:

I’m sure it has to do with some of the deleted threads…

dunno exactly ±470 :bigsmile:

lol -5000 s_s? :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Tax will be able to answer this better, but in the meantime you can try to post in the Game’s Up forum and see what happen. :slight_smile:

More explanation will follow soon, but threads have not been deleted, but moved to a special games forum: Game’s up. In that special forum the posts do not count towards people’s post count…so all posts made in these threads have been subtracted of your post count.

Give me a bit of time to write a more elaborate explanation…

lmao and to think i was goint to quit coming here when it reached 10,000

Tax has foreseen it!
All hail Tax! :bow: :bow:

Hehee Geno lost something like 10000. 8000 more precisely, but nobody cares about 20% here or there. Also, I am pleasantly suprised I actually have made some 6000 useful posts. I have not ventured out into the technical forums, where people ask difficult questions, for at least two weeks.

More explanation can be found here:
Purpose of the Game’s Up forum

Nice explanation, Tax…good idea too :iagree:…and I don’t mind losing some, I was starting to get rather ashamed of my post count :bigsmile:

the always dreamed diet :bigsmile:

LMAO :bigsmile:

Why are people like you so concerned about others when it does not concern you at all. Get on with your own life and leave others to get on with their own.

‘Hehee’ as you put it :bigsmile:

It was just a piece social commentary and nothing to get worked up about.

Besides, how about taking a dose of your own medicine and stop being concerned about others (ie. Airhead) when it does not concern you at all?

I’m surprised you still have 5K+ posts. BTW, I also lost some hundreds.

I’ve lost a few pounds too :slight_smile:
Although not as significant as people above :wink:

I wish I could roll back the clock like that physically too :wink:
Muscles like potato’s, rather than Muscles like mashed potato :iagree:

my daily one went down from lack of posting

This is because I started to post in LR only after some months. My first posts were in other threads