Post-burn testing software



There may be technical reasons why this is impossible, but I gotta ask.

Do any of you know of any software that will “play” a DVD and report problems that would only otherwise be evident while actually watching it? I’m not talking about scanning the disk with Nero CD-DVD Speed. I’ve been experimenting with burn speeds and media and find that even with “bad” scans, disks often play fine on my standalone DVD player. The problem is that I don’t want to sit in front of a TV for two hours to be sure the DVD plays correctly, especially if I’m test burning the same files at different speeds on different media. It seems there ought to be some utility that could play the movie at 1X without displaying it and report the number of freezes or other problems it finds.




The major issue is that most DVD readers that you have in your computer are much better readers than the (sometimes) very crappy readers they put in stand alone players. The only time you get a real ‘freeze’ in a computer player is when there is the need to re-read a sector and in some cases you might not even notice it as the read-ahead cache makes it invisible for you.