Post Attachments

In the Audio Forum I was trying to explain something & wanted to put a screen shot of what I was talking about in my post. I saved the screen shot as a .jpg on my computer. What would have been the best way to get this screen shot in my post? If I add as an attachment, does it show up inside the post? Because I previewed my post & didn’t see it there. Maybe it was to big or something? I have an account at I could upload to there & leave a link in my post. Would that be simpler? :confused:

P.S. If I can get a picture in my post, What size works best? I don’t want it to be to big , but I want to be able to see details. Thanx :cool:

“preview post” doesn’t show the attachments. submit and be enlightened :wink:

OH! Thanx, now I feel stupid(LOL)

no prob and no reason to feel stupid…wondered the same thing when i first joined as well.

Yeah, I’ll get over it. Thanx

lol i hope so.


this is simple answered, if you upload the file to the CDF server via the manage attachement options, then the picture is always shown up at the bottom of the post. If you upload the picture to the other acoount you can insert the images on any place in your post by using the [img] tags.