Post-around-the-clock-a'thon: Holidays?

So… summer is coming up (not for you Aussies :D)… did anybody plan his/her holidays already?

I didn’t, since I’ll probably have to work all summer (that is if I finish school -what is quite likely- and find a job immediately) and so does my girl (same reason).
Too bad, but I think we save this years money and do a big holiday next year… to Canada, or may New-Zealand…

What about you?

I usually plan my entire holiday 30 minutes before it actually starts :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Holidays for me is a bit far (that damn school)… But, I can imagine myself, getting a tan in a beach, surrounded by beatiful chicks! That’s life. Till then, patience…

Probably Acapulco

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Spring Break! Oh, yea. Me and Cancun are going to be very intertwined! Along with the booze, topless chicks, no sleep, clubs, and embarrassing photgraphs. :wink:

I’ll be driving a 1000 miles overnight to Spain. We’ll spend 3 weeks there then come back over a few days. Ah the sun, sex and cheap booze :smiley:

forgot to mention, each week a different place :slight_smile:

What holiday? That shit doesn’t exist in my books, although I have saved up 2 months vacation time. I just don’t like going any where. I’d rather save the money spent on vacations to buy a plasma/LCD big screen.:bigsmile:

20th of June Tenerife for 8 days, write down the date, for total anarchy over here j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by DoMiN8ToR
20th of June Tenerife for 8 days, write down the date, for total anarchy over here j/k :stuck_out_tongue:
if i were you, i wouldn’t laugh at it :bigsmile:

Easter holidays: 14 days Spain
Summer holidays: music festivals, a few days Paris and/or London
and we are planning a Train-travel accros the TransSiberian Railroad, all the way down to, euhm, somewhere far away Asia :slight_smile: But I don’t think we’ll be ready for this summer :slight_smile: