Post an old pic of yourself...if you dare!

C’mon, I wanna see those young CDF members. I’ll start, this was taken when I was about 6 or 7.

Yes, I know the decor is horrendous :bigsmile:


What a beautiful baby :bigsmile:

Dare post a old photo of yourself … ummm … WTF ( now know as why the Fu*k :wink: ) did`t I think of starting a thread like this ??

How can I post pics? I don’t have a scanner :sad:

Do you have a digital cam? … just take a picture of the old picture , and it that way at least you have one thats digital :wink:

I haven’t a cam too :sad: :sad: :sad:

LOL…I scanned all mine (and my mum’s) in awhile back, when I first got my scanner. The novelty hadn’t worn off. :bigsmile:

OMG !! maby I had right when in the “quest for the longest thread” I sayed that you a n00b … :bigsmile:

I have no money :frowning:

I can’t buy something that I use only one time in life. And I need to buy some media soon…

I’ll ask to a friend to do some scans when I’ll see her. I’ll search some pics to post here :iagree:

yeah … what are good friends for … as longe they return the favors that you have done for them

I dare. I was cute before i got ugly! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cute! :iagree:

At last, someone as brave as me (Geno is off the hook, as he has no camera or scanner) :bigsmile:


I`ll post some later … to late now to dig throu the photoalbums …

I would be the kid between the dog & the baby :slight_smile:
Probably when I was 12ish, I think :iagree:

Good pic debro! Are the rest all siblings?

The kid with the baby is my older brother.
The possessed kid on the far right is my younger sister.

From left to right.
Cousin Elliot, Ted (the dog), Me, Cousin Ethen(the baby), My brother Matt, Cousin Allison, Cousin Gabriel (she’s actually a girl, not that you can tell from the photo) and younger sister Crystal.

ok here ya go…and for the Na sayers theres a lil xtra for ya…

oh yeah i don’t have a scanner so i had to use the digital… :o

what a cute littel girlyclown :stuck_out_tongue: :flower:

I told that I would post a babypic. of myself … and here it is :bigsmile:

now some others that dare post ?