Post a Pic of your Auto(or frequent mode of Transportation)

Thought there might be thread already dealing with automobile pix but found nothing.So,if you like,post a pic of your daily transportation(even if your not proud of it) :slight_smile:

Had this girl for 11 years and no problems whatsoever.Gas mileage sux though.

This is my 1979 VB Commodore, its a project car at the moment. I dont have a working digital camera, so the actual daily drive car will have to wait. The daily is a VL Commodore Turbo, which was my father in laws car.(passed away 5 years ago) He bought it brand new in '87 its only got 175,000 Kms on the clock. We love it:)

sigh This is before the guard rail hit the car (I’ll just say it like that because it makes me feel better, I swear that guard rail just jumped out of me!) so now right below the gas cap and right above the gas cap there are some dents and scrapes and right above the right rear wheel well there is a dent as well and the back of the right-rear quarter panel is knocked a bit out of whack. The car runs and handles just fine though… damage really isn’t too severe! But this is mine…

post a pic of your daily transportation


well it use to be a car, but now since i started uni like 2 weeks ago, and it’s in the central city, i gotta catch the god damn train everyday (actually i like it :bigsmile: ), but anyway i got no pictures of this train…maybe i’ll try taking one if possible

at the moment i am on an arriva bus (not at this second of time lol)
and as i don’t have a digital camera i got this picture off google but is the same as my car i will be driving soon

@ Mr. Belvedere

recent picture? :wink:

I found it using Google, but it seems a pretty accurate picture for these days :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Here’s a pic of my car and euh… well my girl’s way of driving (she doesn’t consider this to be speeding ;))

The Mountainbike gets used everyday the Racing bike will be coming out soon when the weather a little warmer is and the night are not so dark.

gosh does my local bus service go all teh way to chesterfield :eek:

couldnt be arsed looking for a chesterfield bus so i just picked the first one i could find :slight_smile:

theeze are mine

dig the wheels. :slight_smile:

Had to sell it…but it was a fun car…

what was cut off on it on speedometer?