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[QUOTE=Ibex;2786077]Squacco Heron ([I]Ardeola ralloides[/I])

Anyone know a good method of retouching flare? Spent ages masking and selectively desaturating & colour shifting that spot of flare on the left side, but it always ended up looking worse that the original.


That’s a superb photo.

It’s a bit low res for working on in detail but I’d suggest some fine/selective use of the clone tool in your favourite editing package.

I had a quick go in Paint Shop Pro (below) but you’d be able to achieve better results than this with a higher resolution original.



A beautiful photography it is (even though the post-processing took time, now that’s a highlight) :flower:


Excellent work Wombler.

You’ve done better than I managed (eyes were very bad that day and I’d run out of time - it was Christmas afternoon). But something still doesn’t look quite right, some peculiar artefacts or just my imagination?


What photo program do you or anyone use, went to Win7 now my old printshop won’t work. Tried the newer version but they don’t have all of the programs (Like the clone tool).
Wombler I see that you use Paint Shop pro, is it hard to learn?




[QUOTE=Ibex;2786161]Excellent work Wombler.

You’ve done better than I managed (eyes were very bad that day and I’d run out of time - it was Christmas afternoon). But something still doesn’t look quite right, some peculiar artefacts or just my imagination?[/QUOTE]

It was only a rough two minute job, to demonstrate what’s possible, as the photo wasn’t high enough resolution to be able to clone between the strands of grass.

I used to do photo restore challenges to test my skills so this one is pretty straightforward compared to those.

So yes, if you zoom in you will see artifacts.

The secret is using a small clone brush with a graduated edge where the strength of the effect is softened towards the edge of the brush. That way you can blend stuff in more easily.



[QUOTE=thor21344;2786170]What photo program do you or anyone use, went to Win7 now my old printshop won’t work. Tried the newer version but they don’t have all of the programs (Like the clone tool).
Wombler I see that you use Paint Shop pro, is it hard to learn?



Hi Marty,

I use an old version of Paint Shop Pro (Jasc version 9) which was the last version before Jasc Software sold it to Corel.

Ironically Corel pretty much destroyed this program as they stripped out a lot of the functionality. The older version is very much more capable and was at that time a direct competitor to Adobe Photoshop as it’s a very powerful program in the right hands.

The actual software isn’t difficult to navigate but it’s more a case of learning what techniques and processes to use to achieve what you’re after.

That sort of stuff isn’t easy to pick up quickly but I learnt a lot from online tutorials and photo editing websites.

It’s one of those sorts of things though where if you stick with it you get to the point where you become very much more capable than you ever thought you would at the start.

I always liked the challenge of recreating filters and playing around with editing etc. so that’s really what started me off.



Paint Shop Pro v9. :bow::bow::bow::clap:

I remember it well. Used to use it regularly, indeed it was all I used for the first few years, until I got my hands on a copy Photoshop. Continued using both for a decade or so. Photoshop was easier for most things (PSP’s terminology was often rather peculiar), but PSP had some very neat tricks. But alas it was incompatible with most, newer, Photoshop plug-ins. And I had begun giving someone lessons on Photoshop, so I thought I had better learn how to use it myself.

My favourite PSP feature was when scanning, I could leave the scanner window open, but still return to PSP to check the result was correct & not skew, zooming in if necessary. Try that with Photoshop (or anything else I’ve used) and you find that it is locked until the scanner window is closed. :a

And speaking of skew, it had a [I]fantastic[/I] tool for straightening images. Just click twice to draw a line along something which is supposed to be horizontal or vertical in the image, adjust it if necessary and voila! Job done. :smiley: In Photoshop to this day I still have to play guess the number and type it in to the rotate dialogue box - 0.1°, 0.2°, 0.3°, too far better try 0.25°. (Although that may have changed with the latest versions.) The official method seems to be to use the crop tool and its rotation adjustment. But that’s easier said than done when you don’t need to crop, but do need to zoom in & out to ensure accuracy.

<Forgotten what I was going to type here. Had remembered a third brilliant PSP feature, but it’s gone now. :sad:>

Never got round to installing PSP on my current machine - not sure why. :confused:

Whatever the Corel versions are, they’re not Paint Shop Pro! :iagree:

Remembered what the third feature was, and it was the best reason of all for using PSP at that time. This was the one which really got me hooked…

Paint Shop Pro (8 & 9, not certain about 7) actually let you print multiple photos on a single sheet of paper. :bow: That really was a killer feature, something you just can’t do in Photoshop.

The closest Photoshop offered was its ‘contact sheet’ feature, which was too restrictive to be considered an alternative and never really worked anyway. For something as simple as that, Adobe expected (& still expects) you to buy Illustrator or InDesign for ~£400-500.

These days for printing multiple photos I use CorelDraw instead. It is much easier and better suited to the task than PSP - I can just place things where I want and have immediate access to proper alignment tools. But prior to version 9 (I think), CorelDraw didn’t handle photos adequately at all. Not only was there no colour management, but it couldn’t even rotate an image through 90° without trashing it. Back then I only had CorelDraw 6 & 7, so PSP’s multiple photo printing was a lifesaver. But after eventually getting hold of CorelDraw 11, I gradually stopped using Paint Shop Pro at all.

However I deeply miss it’s straightening tool every time I need to de-skew something, a task I have to perform on >50% of the images I load or scan into Photoshop. :sad:

Fortunately I think know where I put my PSP 9 CD. Hope it’s still there.


Wombler, Ibex, thanks for the info, guess the best one is coreldraw. I sure do miss my PhotoSuite Version 8 by MGI.


Inkscape is a good free alternative to CorelDraw.


The Gimp is another freeware package that I always see recommended.

Another killer feature of PSP that I’ve always admired is the perspective correction tool. So simple to do using this tool but extremely involved otherwise.

For the most part I’m not a big fan of one step fixes though and it was always one of my goals to understand how to do all these sorts of things manually as I think you learn more that way and it ultimately gives you greater flexibility.

That’s just me though as I know others prefer the convenience of quick one step fixes.

It’s the same for me with photography. I have the technical skills to be able to edit the photos pretty much whatever way I want, but for me the challenge is to get it right in camera without having to edit afterwards. As a result I very rarely edit my own photos unless there’s something challenging that I want to try.



Tanks again to both of you. Inkscape is SVG and I know nothing about that, However I am going to D/L it and look at what it does… I do not know much about photo editing or any thing else about Photo’s except how to scan them in and the save them. I could do some cropping and cloning with PhotoSuite, but, nothing else. so I am looking for the easiest program out there that will do cropping and some cloning.
Thanks again IBEX and Wombler for your input



GIMP is the way to go for free photo editing, with Paint.NET an excellent alternative. Something like Inkscape is for after you’ve tweaked & polished your photos and want to use them as part of something grander (or just print multiple photos on a single sheet easily).

@Wombler: Back in the early 1990s at high school, I remember doing a project/homework on perspective for art class. The teacher had seen an Equinox(?) documentary featuring a man, his computer graphics workstation and colour laser printer. (Was actually much better than it sounds - coincidentally, I’d watched it myself.) She had delusions of grandeur about getting her pupils to do something similar using pencil and paper.

My policy at the time was to do every bit of homework possible on a computer, having just got our first PC earlier that year. (Also, I can’t draw to save my life.) So I attempted to recreate what the bloke on the television had done with a £20,000+ workstation and a £16,000 laser printer, but using the tools I had at my disposal - a Star 24-pin colour dot-matrix printer and Lotus Ami Pro 3.

(And yes, I do mean Ami Pro the [I]word processor[/I]. :eek:)

The results were interesting to say the least. Whatever was handed in was clearly far from complete, it was probably just a few straight black lines. But I got some marks for being the only person in the class to understand what we were supposed to be doing. (The perspective part, not for using a computer.) So who says children shouldn’t watch so much television. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I come to think of it, I almost certainly had CorelDraw 3 available as well. But the drawing module in Ami Pro was actually rather good. Very basic, but I seem to recall it had a rather good perspective adjustment tool.


Trying to use Paint Shop Pro and can not get it to scan, tried the aquire ans it said no scanner, tried to get the source and it said no twain. tried the help but could not find anything for aquire or scan. any idea’s


Does the scanner work with other software? (Are you using TWAIN or WIA?)

Which version of Paint Shop Pro are you using?


yes the scanner works on all of my other software. Word, Omni pro. foxit reader. I am using version 9, However it is the free trial version


It’s hard to tell from that but does your scanner have Twain compatible drivers installed?



Yes, but I believe that the program only uses WiA drivers. When I just try to import from camera or scanner it give the error message “There is no canra or scanner or OTHER WIA devices attached” My Epson does not have WIA drivers. Must be the problem

Thanks Marty


PSP 9 should work with TWAIN.

No problems at all with my trusty (TWAIN only) Canon 650U scanner.


IBEX, see post above yours Please


[QUOTE=thor21344;2786284]IBEX, see post above yours Please[/QUOTE]

It should work with TWAIN as well though.

Just to clarify, is it the Jasc v9 or the Corel v9 you’re using?