Post a photo you have taken



[QUOTE=Tweakr;2712572]Looks like a nice camera you have there. As soon as you get a grip on the relativity between ISO, shutter speed and aperture (if those are all configurable in any preset - like e.g. manual mode), you have come a long way. :wink:

Here’s a B/W photo for today:

bridgebearingbw by aspirant_101, on Flickr


Yeah it’s a bridge camera I have, so controls wise it’s pretty much the same as an SLR and I can adjust everything.

That’s a stunning photo BTW! :clap:

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2712784]I was scrolling thru this page’s photos, Hubby flashed by and only caught a glimpse of Wombler’s Chest Armor On Stands. Then he said, “What’s that - the new Segway? Armoring the driver for higher speeds?”

Why do I ever let him wander away from the dungeon-?!! I guess I need to find a new hiding place for those manacle keys.[/QUOTE]

LOL, you should take him to the Tower of London though, if you haven’t already been, as it’s exceptionally good.



Thanks, Wombler.

Today, my first lion photo:


Another superb photo!

I’m beginning to think I’m going backwards here instead of forwards. :bigsmile:

Did you add the vignette in Photoshop or is that a filter?



Thanks again. Yes, the vignette was added in camera raw.


Here’s one with heavy vignetting:

tunnelling by aspirant_101, on Flickr


Very nice.

That works particularly well with that photo.



Oh Boy! UPS guy was just here! Brought me an Olympus PEN E-PL3 3:4 Micro! :stuck_out_tongue:


A bit romantic…but here you go, you mushpuppies … :wink:


Very nice mood you caught there, mate. And you’ve presented it with the according colour temperature. The vignetting is also effective and contributes to the calm setting of the motive. Good job!

Kind regards,

Edit: Re your sig, olyteddy… I quit too. By the end of October last year :wink: - after 15 years of the stuff.



I wish I had roses that looked like that.



[QUOTE=Wombler;2719586]I wish I had roses that looked like that.



Me too-eh!



Me too-eh![/QUOTE]
Maybe next anniversary Big Guy…:o


A few pic’s from Cuba

A) Iberostar Laguna Azul resort

B) Sunset In Varadero



A Few more

C) Art Work in Matanzas

D) Perrito de Costa ( Leiocephalus carinatus )

E) Ford Fairlane



Great pictures Platinumsword

What is that Fairlane the mid 50’s Those are some nice cars, they had style then.


Night shot. ISO 5000. 30 seconds F=5.6


[QUOTE=deanimator;2721638]Night shot. ISO 5000. 30 seconds F=5.6[/QUOTE]
Nice one Dean ,beautiful sky


A few more

Catedral de San Cristobal in Old Havanna

Graffiti in Old Havana

1957 Chevy Bel Air in Old Havana



A couple more.

Hummingbird in Varadero

Varadero Beach hang time