Post a photo you have taken



This may have already been done before… but oh well. As the title suggests, post a cool/nice/beautiful photo you’ve taken. I’ll kick off with two I took in London, October 2000:

Shot on Kodak 400ISO B+W C27 film. Canon Epoch automatic SLR.


i took this at the safari park on a crappy digital pentax cam i like it cos it looks slightly surreal


taken from the beach at shell island north wales, looking at snowdonia national park, with harlec castle in the middle.

are we just limited to 1 pic, you now what kenshin is like :wink:


pic taken in a small town outside of Cuzco, Peru a couple years ago. Nikon F90, 28-70mm Nikon lens, forget the f-stop and shutter speed and film used (could conceivably dig up that info, but too lazy). need to crop it a little, but this is the entire frame. it’s a scan of a print (not negative) done on an HP ScanJet 5470C at i dunno what DPI.


heres one when i was in Vienna…just made with a simple 35 mm camera…at sunset…on the Denube.


Some nice photos but I do feel sorry for people on dail-up. :eek:


this is feburary 2004 In my neighborhood


Brisbane, September 2000:


lawn mower racing a couple of years ago in preston, and yes they realy can shift max speed 50mph after modification.


first is the road to a natl park in costa rica. second is the falls a buddy and i hiked to in that park. third is drivin on the beach in the surf town of tamarindo, costa rica.


heres a couple of pics of my hevaley moddified KH, all done by myself at a small engineering firm i used to work at.


[off topic ] Drpino…did you like Costa Rica…I’ve been toying with the idea of going …??? [/off topic]


loved it…but not my favorite place i’ve been to…Peru and Ecuador were a little more interesting because CR caters so much to tourists and doesn’t have as deep an indigenous culture. it was fun for a getaway vacation…might try Belize next.

a buddy of mine is actually moving down to CR in a month to live there for a couple months after going there solo in November. i’ll probably try and swing down to visit him. he likes it more than i do cause he surfs.

i’d like to go back at some point to do more of the Natl. Parks.


I liked south/Pacific CR the most. Stayed in a beach front cabana for a week on the Ousa penninsula. Jaco was a cool surf town. Awesome waves. The bigger cities can be a little dodgy. I will return at some point. There is nothing that can compare to a troupe or howler monkeys going over cabana in pitch blackness :eek:

Belize was cool. Did a cave,intertube rafting trip at this place.

Kinda freaky. I liked the cayes the best. Very undeveloped. Get diving. Swim with sharks and rays.Very cool. Belize was only like a 2hr flight from Houston.Might go there again this spring since it is so close.Dont want to try the infant on the 12 hr Hawaii flight. :eek: :iagree:


cool pic Dr. Gee. digicam or 35mm? macro lens?

didn’t get to see a whole lot of CR, mainly San Jose and the drive to Tamarindo. i also went during the Green season so not too crowded (which i liked) but it rained just about every day.


Macro on an old cannon digital 1.3 mp


Well here’s a pic I took tonight. As I just got a new cam I need to practice a lot… so our cat (Tweak) is the main subject nowadays :slight_smile:

Anyhow, here it is:


cool pic…photoshop?


Well just a little… cropped the image some, desatuared the pic with exceptence of the eyes :slight_smile:


that’s what i figured. digicam i assume? which one?