Post a beautiful phrase in your mother-tongue

Well i know that many of CDF members talk english but let’s see…

A beautiful phrase in estonian: Sõida tasa üle silla.
Translate: Drive silently over the bridge or something

Agar mein aawaz hun to tum mera geet ho (hindi)
Translation : If i am a voice then you are my song

A not so beautiful insult in Klingon: Hab SoSlI’ Quch!
Translation: Your mother has a smooth forehead! :bigsmile:

Yeah I know…I’m a geek. :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s up corndog

translation = hows it going

Allebei de ogen van de allermooiste vrouw,
zijn niet half zo mooi,
als die ene van jou.

The two eyes of the most beautiful women are not even half as beautiful as your (single) eye.

You are talking to a cyclops?

My mother is Welsh, so there’s nothing very beautiful that I can say in that language (in fact I don’t speak a word of it) :disagree:


It’s [I]hungarian[/I], a word often used to demonstrate the incredible complexity of the language, but never used in real life. Basically it means “You got rid of the cabbage”.
I’m not good at saying “beatiful phrases”, probably it’s the reason why i’m single :stuck_out_tongue:


1.Ding ding ding burn that fatty

Translation: Fire up that hog leg

2.Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit look who’s here:

Translation: Welcome (My wife has a welcome mat that has that at the front door)

Jag tror jag har fått en venerisk sjukdom.

Älskling,kan du hämta en back öl till åt mig?

Va?Sex en gång till den här månaden?

Simple three words, that you say to your girlfriend/boyfriend - I Love You
In estonian: Ma armastan Sind

Tinkle or get off the potty…means hurry up or get out of my way!

futurama ?

Very good. but you should translate
AND jeg tror ikke at du har ret til dette erklæring "In the land of Negerboll"
You can translate my last statement if you want.

Oi Simmons! We all know that Mordorian is not a beautiful language :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Hehehe :bigsmile:

I’m waiting for Draggles to post something, what little I’ve seen in the Danish language has been very nice. :iagree:

Draggles ought to be able to post in Danish and Norwegian… the near Mordor languages group :iagree:

Oh, you’re right. Two phrases required from the Dragon then :wink:

Draggles is currently drawing a blank trying to come up with something beautiful in near-Mordorian… :doh: :o

I guess I’m not doing my job as a Mordorator! :stuck_out_tongue:

Try harder :stuck_out_tongue:

Translate that!!!