Possibly THE most retarded blogger EVER!

You make the choice.


I fell asleep before finishing the first page, so i can’t comment. :slight_smile:

Most bloggers are, but since Triple Jesus sounds like a beer brand i voted for that. :slight_smile:


Talk about telling the whole freakin’ world [I]just[/I] how stupid you are…

I must be missing the obvious…or perhaps I should have read more than the story of him meeting the old school jerk who almost killed him…

:Z this is stupid :bigsmile:

whew…i thought you were going to post my blog…

I think the title of that thread would be something like:

Don’t blame mrduckbear… he’s a buddhist … a dumb buddhist … who’s high points in life consist of:

  1. Framing retarded people with shoplifting
  2. Losing fights with ex school aquaintences
  3. Hassling Homeless hippies.
  4. Losing arguments with whores. -
    Def Whore (most retarded blogger in the world Dictionary): Any women that publicly shows any affection.
    Def MrDuckBear: Most retarded Blogger in the World, which is actually a 10yr old child.

He’s got a head, err, ego bigger than Buddha … and a brain the size of a Quark.

I hope he doesn’t go blind from playing with his tinker too much.

Give the poor bastard some change, you penniless Hippy :stuck_out_tongue:

The highest level of achievement in it’s life.

Too much text. I’m so internet I talk jpeg.

You’re contradicting yourself by posting text instead of JPEGs! :stuck_out_tongue: