Possibly dumb question: 716A vs. 740A

Hi all,

Other than the buffer size, is the 740A inferior to the 716A in any way?

I’m trying to figure out why Plextor has the 740A priced so much lower than the 716A: Plextor’s site

Am I missing something really obvious?


Yes PX716 is a Plextor made drive while 740 is a Benq with Plextor logo.

The 716 comes with full scanning software for scanning burns and other items like GigaRec to burn past rated capacity on CD-Rs. The 740 has no software like that. You’d be better off getting the full BenQ1640 (that is, if you were only considering the 740a), that will let you use CDSpeed to test your burns at least .

Like Koba said, at least the 716 is a fully-made Plextor drive. :iagree:

Yep, no Plextools features support at all, plus no overburning (4600 vs 4482 MB) DVDs capabilities.

So you can only burn 128 megs extra? I thought it was 200.

Hey I just burned 4620MB (4,51GB) on MCC-003-00 - that’s nearly the limit maybe another 10MB are possible

But the quality beyond 4480 on MCC-003 are not so good as on RICOHJPN-R02-03

I will post a PXScan tomorrow

  • as stated above, the 740 is a rebadged [w/ custom firmware] BenQ 1640. This is no bad thing, since the BenQ/Philips 16xx line are excellent low-cost burners.

‘Inferior’ is a tough one: probably not unfair to say the 16xx BenQ burners can repeatably produce as good or slightly better results, with their best media, than the 716A. Also not unfair to say that the 716 will produce OK results from media the BenQ simply cannot cope with.

I’ve just ordered a 716A [despite knowing it is quite near EOL], & have owned several BenQ DVD burners [along with a raft of Plex CD-burners]: I didn’t consider the 740 because you really are paying for the badge alone, until & unless the 740 has full Plextools functionality [unlikely].

Buffer size above 2MB in a ‘burnproof’ or equivalent burner is meaningless if the device is installed into a stable & adequate hardware platform.

A key plus-factor - in my decision to buy the 716A - is UDMA4 support: this should/might allow, in a suitable PL-3507 chipset external enclosure, 16x operation.

Help me understand how UDMA4 is a variable for 16X with a Prolific chipset. I have seen a number of drive that can reach 16X with this chip and I did not think they were all UDMA4. I know Pioneer 109, Liteon 1693 are UDMA4 but I was not aware than NEC 35XX were nor that the LG 4163 or the BenQ 1620 were; they all can reach 16X with Prolific. What information am I missing?


  • the BenQ 1620 can reach 16x in a PL-3507 chipset enclosure, using firewire, when flashed with EW1621 firmware - this enables UDMA3. Otherwise, it’s maxed out at 12x.