Possibly another silly question


Up until a few days ago I backed up all of my movies onto DVD-R. (Incidently I have never tried DVD +R media)

I had a Pioneer 106 and have been extremely happy with it…don’t think in a couple of hundred burns that I had more than a few coasters…and I think this was due to crap media like laser and princo.

A few weeks ago I backed up a movie and then went to a friends house but the DVD wouldn’t work. They had a Phillips DVD player…but it works on an Onokyo Player, a Singer player and on a Toshiba Player that I have tried.

I have never worried about compatability before as this is the first time I have had a problem.

I have now purchased an NEC 3520A and I have read about booktype and bitsetting…

As I have only ever used DVD-R media, how do I change it so that this media will play in any player…or do i need DVD+R media…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for that, but if DVD-R does not require bitsetting, why then wouldn’t it work in a friends DVD player?

Anyone have an idea?

You could try another media, like Verbatim or TY, that might help.
But normally, all DVD players which are bought within the last 2 years should handle DVD-Rs…

I had never compatibility problems so far.
My Panasonic DVD-Recorder DMR-E85 plays all kind of media (even it says in the manual that it can’t handle DVD+R/RW it does very well, even without bitsetting.)

It isn’t that DVD-R does not “require” bitsetting, it is that DVD-R does not “support” bitsetting.

Personally, I get best compatibility with DVD+R bitset to DVD-Rom, but YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).