Possibly a stupid question about DL +R burning

Ok, I successfully updated my 851s to an 832s. My Verbatim pack of +RW, +R and 1 DL +R are coming in a few days.

I have an old Sony DVD player that only reads -R media and -RW. If I wanted it to read +R media, I would use the booktype utility from Liteon and set it to DVD rom. Does this mean that my DVD player will only read DL +R media if it is set to DVD rom?


Answer is YES! Since the dvd+r 9 standard is quite new, you should set it to dvd rom. If your play cant read normal +r media already, then the chances that your dl disc could play on your player is almost 0.


Thanks for the input.

I can’t wait to try DL burning… on my upgraded 851s…