Possibly a really stupid question about generation loss



Hi , i have a question…
i was copying some dvd+r’s full of mp3’s to a new external hardrive and i found a couple of the dvd’s wouldnt transfer the mp3s without freezing or refusing to recognize the content of some of the folders on the dvdr.
i assumed this was a case of bad media / bad burn, however i took the dvdrs to work where they opened and read the data with no trouble , so i copied the mp3’s to my work PC hardrive and reburned to new dvd+r’s , these new burns work great at home also and so i have managed to salvage the data…
however i wanted to know if this method would have caused any type of generation loss to the mp3s , the ones i’ve checked sound perfect to my ears, a friend of mine told me it was all just digital data and not at all like analog.
can anyone confirm this , im sorry if its a stupid question , im kinda new to this.


Nope, no worry.

By copying, always checksums are involved to make sure you have no data loss.

If you get an CRC error, its getting worse.


Yea, the computer doesn’t care if it is music or video or other data when copying. If it is being handled digitally, every single bit of data must be intact or there will be an error. There of course will be reading errors, but the built in error correction used with optical disks will insure zero data loss. That is actually uses as copy protection all the time. A small bad area is put on the disk (an area that is not used during playback). When you try to copy the disk, if the computer cannot read (after error correction) every bit of data, then it will cause an error.


Thanks heaps!
I appreciate the help.


Not a dumb question at all btw :slight_smile: