PossibleBug in DVD2One 1.1.1

DOnt know if this is a bug in latest ver…but if I had a dvd containing 11.5 and trid to reduce to 4.5…pgm would only reduce it to 8.5

The DVD was homemade consisting of 34 Titles…dont know if this is a bug of just a limitation of the software, i.e. 9.5…

Interested hearing from anyone on this


Hello do you mean a dvd with 11.5 gig???

Yes…its a DVD that is 11.5gig which was created with authoring package…consisting of 34 varied training lessons of a software package…after encoding it to mpeg2 and outputting it all to a DVD folder it consists of 34 vob, iso, etc. files with a total file size of about 11.5 gig…when running dvd1.1.1 on the entire package it will only resuce it to a size of 8.5 gig (appx).

Interesting that it I used Instant DVD…it will reduce the whole thing to a 4.5 gig size…

Just wondering if this is a bug in dvd2one1.1 or whether the code is designed not to encode if total larger than 9.x gig?

Hopefully someone may have some info on this

it’s not possible to make a home made dvd with 11.5 gig only 4.5 gig fitts on a dvd±r and there are no iso’s on a video dvd

Perhaps you misunderstood me…I created a tutorial consisting of 34 lessons…each lesson was a separate title…I used a DVD authoriing program (SonicDVD) to create a DVD folder…the folder created was 11.5gig in size…obviously too large to fit on a DVD…I then tried to use DVD2One1.1.1 to reduce the size to 4.5 gig…

It did not succeed…it created a new dvd folder of 8 gigs…Hopefully I am now clear.

Now interesting though…I was able to use Pinacle DVD Instant Copy to reduce the DVD folder (11.5gig) to under 4.5 and was able to burn it to a DVD…

My point is that apparently DVD2ONE1.1.1 has either a LIMITATION or a BUG?

Perhaps someone else reading this thread may have some information on this…

maybe the limit for dvd2one is 8 gig i think?
and sorry for the misunderstanding

Yes…I think there must be a limitation on the size of the DVD titles it will reduce to under 4.5?..wonder why though…since Instant DVD has no such limitation…maybe the author of the prgm will read this thread and explain whether this is a limitation of the software or a BUG…


It makes sense. I tried to compress a dual layer DVD to 2GB and it only compressed it to around 2.7. There seems to be a limit to the amount of compression you can do.

BTW, did you try to run it through twice?

Yes…Actually I ran it through 3 times…no difference in the two further attempts…must be a limitation…

at least Pinnacle’s Instant DVD does not seem to have such a limitation…worked like a charm…went from 8.5 gigs down to 4.0 gigs…I usually leave a small border on the dvd media…since they cheap media is not too reliable when writing those final outside tracks…

dvd2one is only transcoding whereas the other ones are re-encoding. Dvd2one can only throw so much information away before it hits a breaking point.

Thanks for the reply…guess thats why its also so much faster than instant dvd