Possible with different image save?

Hi I’ve just tested & looked on the sourcecode for NeroCmd.exe. I tested it with these parameters:

NeroCmd.exe --write --real --drivename “Image Recorder” --iso JallaJalla “C:\ATI” “C:\Drivers” “C:\Blahh” “C:\file.avi” --create_iso_fs

The output image from the Image Record are just *.nrg, now I wonder if it is possible to save the image to actually ISO/IMG file?

Please advice me on this little “problem” :slight_smile:

Try specifying the output filename with a .iso extension

Well, daemon tools did not recognize it before I added the --tao option. Now I have to extract those functions into my wrapper for the NeroAPI :slight_smile:

Not sure I understand what you just said. What I meant is when the dialog box for the image recorder appears and asks for the output filename manually enter a .iso suffix.


I will try to make a nice wrapper for the NeroAPI for just making ISO images (not burning) so others can use my class. I’ve seen in the examples that something simular are made, now I have to wrap it the way I like :slight_smile: