Possible virus?

I have a DELL 8300 desktop machine with WinXP Home edition installed. It is networked with several other computers on my NETGEAR router & everything has been running fine. When booting ut up, it would go straight to the desktop. However, after rebooting it today, it is all of a sudden now giving me the logon screen with my username & asking for a password. I can’t seem to get in cause I don’t remember ever setting up a password. I can see the shared drives on it from the other PCs, but I just can’t get into the 8300s desktop itself. Has it somehow got infected with a virus or worm of some sort? If so, is there anyway of fixing it offline or finding out what this password is? :eek:

just press enter (i.e leave the password field blank) and see what happens.

When you install Net Framework from Windows Update it changes something in windows logon and you get the Windows Logon screen, or you changed a network client somehow. Like crustyteacup says just hit enter and it should boot (don’t enter a password if you haven’t ever used one). Then you can go to User Accounts in Control Panel and change the way users log on or off. Untick fast user switching. I think that is the way I did it but it’s been a while.:slight_smile: