Possible to use Windows Update without Internet?

I’m setting up a computer and I’m having trouble connecting to the internet. I was looking at a post and they said they have the same hardware/problems as me, and they had to get a windows update and it fixed it. This was posted in another forum. How can I get on the Windows Update page without the internet…? The name of the thing I need to download for is:

Marvel Yukon 88E8001

I would download it on this computer and put it on that, but I can’t find it on the Microsoft website.

Any ideas?

P.S That Marvel Yukon thing isn’t a separate PCI card it’s just built into the motherboad.

If it’d a thing built into your motherboard you can probably find drivers and info on any problems on the manufacturers website.

tried the Marvel Yukon website ?
the ethernet drivers from there won’t install, right ?
gigabyte mobo?
get a cheap ethernet PCI NIC with a realtek chipset and disable the MY onboard LAN will be ALOT easier in long run

Yeah I tried downloading the latest drivers from the Marvel Yukon website. I’m not sure why this isn’t working… don’t you usually just plug it in and it works? Do you think it is just a problem with the Marvell Yukon thing, and buying a PCI card will make it work right away?

which driver version do you need?

Yukon GigE / Windows XP / Windows XP / 11/10/04 / 7.24 ???
download worked for me

Marvell: Drive Search Results

Yeah I downloaded and installed it, but the internet still doesn’t work :(.

Are you sure it’s due to these drivers? Are the settings correct? And is the cable plugged in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I know for sure that the cable is plugged in. But I’m not positive the settings are correct. I think they are though…

Check to see if your mother boards lan is showing up and working properly in device manager. If it is, I would contact your isp’s tech suport. They can easily help you set the right settings and or test your conection.

Okay this is getting REALLY stupid. We just went out and bought a separate card to connect us to the internet. Even the people at the store said it would work. We get back, install the card, install the drivers, plug in the cable and it still doesn’t work! I even went into the BIOS and Disabled ‘OnBoard LAN Device’. I’m not sure what to do now. Do you think reinstalling Windows XP or installing Service Pack 2 would help?

Are you using this to connect to a cable modem or router? Sometimes when connecting to a router, a special crossover cable is needed. Such cables are usually provided with the router.


[PC] -> crossover cable -> router -> reg CAT5 ethernet cable -> cable modem.

Also be sure you don’t have a cable plugged into the router’s “uplink” port.

Additional questions:

-What OS do you use?
-What brand and model of Modem and/or router do you have?
-What brand PCI card did you buy? Do you know what chipset it uses? (realtech, texas instruments, etc…)
-Does the PCI/LAN device show up in Device Manager?
-Does the little light on the backplate of the card turn on/flash? What about on the modem/router?
-Any specific error messages?

*** Have you tried disabling Windows XP’s built-in firewall to see if it might be the problem? - it is disabled by default in Pre-SP2 versions, and enabled by default in SP2***

While on the subject of firewalls, I would recommend using a 3rd party firewall, people here seem to favor KERIO. I would advise against Norton/Symantec and ZoneAlarm (resource hogs and incompatabilities).

Good Luck!

I had the same problem (more than once) with my cable internet. come to think of it, opera could conect to the internet but explorer (and windows update etc. could not). I still say make sure that your lan device (either the onboard one or the card you bought) shows up in device manager and is installed corectly (no check marks or question marks etc. in device manager). Then contact your isp. It cannot hurt.
I can tell you where they changed settings that allowed it to work but unfortunatlly cannot remember what setting they used.
Open windows explorer, click tools, internet options, conections, lan settings. Thats where they made changes that allowed windows to recognise the conection. I’m sorry but I cannot remember what they changed (I think it is isp specific).
One other thing to try in case you havent already, unplud the modem for 20-30 seconds to reset it.

Wow, you’d think something like this would have a simple solution. We’ve invited two people over, one who is just all around good with computers, and another who is the head computer guy at a highschool (my cousin’s stepdad). They both said that it should work fine, and they can’t figure it out. We’re inviting one more person over tomorrow, then I think we’ll just call the ISP.

I’m curious, did you get it worked out and if so, how?

Yes we got it figured out. We called over a technician and he fixed it in like five minutes. I wasn’t in the room though, so I’m not sure what he did.