Possible to use pioneer 108 DL read strat on NEC3500?

This is my first post, and I would like the thank everyone here for wealth of information.

I do own NEC 3500AG, and have tried few firmwares , official/non-official/modded ones but I get the same result when it comes to ripping DL DVD via DVDshrink. Even with Rip-lock off mod, ripping speed is slower on DL Movie DVD’s on NEC3500 compared to other 16X DVD-RW drives out there.

I’ve read that pioneer 108 ,which is alot faster in DL DVD reading, shares the NEC chipset. If this holds true, can one of the geniuses be kind enough to patch pioneer DL read strategy to NEC3500 firmware to speed things up a bit for DL ripping?

Or, is there such monster already available?

thanks… if this sounds completely idiotic, then please forgive this newbie. :slight_smile:

Maybe the chipset is the same… but that’s all it’s the same… Impossible!

Thanks for suck a quick response!..

Can you recommend me options of modded firmwares that would help with DL DVD reading/ripping speed that won’t make coasters?

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Suggest obtaining a quick DVD-ROM similar to Lite-On SOHD-167T (about 24 bucks) to do your DVD ripping and use your NEC ND-3500 for burning your DVD’s. This will be quicker and put less wear tear on your NEC-3500 and you can focus on NEC-3500 firmware to optimize reliable DVD burning.

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Oops…Just realized i made a typo on my prior post… I tired to type “such” not “suck”. hope this didn’t offend anyone.



I think I will just take that advice. My CD-ROM just died on me and I have a valid excuse to get a replacement.

We all (including myself) make typo’s lol …Have a good en’ and welcome to the forum

If he does buy a DVD-ROM, I vote for this one. It is better in reading crappy DVD media than the NEC3500A, has patched firmwares to set the reading speed of Dual Layer media and recorded media to the speed you like, can do media quality tests (even though not too accurate) and finally, something I do like, it does rip at full speed & at the same time it can play DVD media without spining high.

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Can you please direct me to the website where I can find these patches for Lite-ON 167T?


try the liteon forum for the omnipatcher

I cant recommend the A-Open 1648/aap enough for reading dvds