Possible to use a BD-RE like an external harddrive?



I would like to use a BD-RE like an external harddrive just to copy and delete data on it without burning. I did that already many years ago with some DVD-RW´s but i don´t know how to format a BD-RE for this usage. Could someone of you please tell me with which tool and in which format i could do that because NTFS is not accepted in this case.


What operating system are you using?


Win7 SP1 64bit


Have you tried to use BD-RE discs with Windows 7’s built-in burning capability? If so, did you encounter a specific error?


No, as i said, i don´t want to burn my discs. I only want to use them like an external harddrive or an USB-Stick and for that i have to format them before but i don´t know how and with which tool. I read something about UDF 2.50 shall be the right size but with which program or tool they didn´t say and i don´t want to use a burning program or feature for that, because then data has to be burnt too afterwards what i don´t want.


I dunno for sure about windows 7,but it should also have the same option as windows 10 has build in,you just have to format the disc ‘to use it as an usb drive’ (option).
The most well known packet writing software were Roxio’s DirectCd,later renamed to Roxio Burn with support for later OS’ than Vista,Nero’s InCd ,which is freeware now and Sonic’s DLA,but I doubt this 1 is still updated…
So,in case windows 7’ option doesn’t suit you,you can get InCd for free…:wink:


Yes, Windows 7’s burning ability INCLUDES the option to use the disc similar to a hard drive – as similar as you can get. You’re still burning the disc, just in a different manner.

I didn’t know InCD was freeware. Thanks, roadworker. That should be a useful option. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your replies and explinations. Now i rember that i was using InCD already many years ago to format DVD-RW´s for the same usage. I only forgot about that fact and will try it again. :slight_smile:


And the winner is InCD (see attachment)

Like this it shall be possible to simply copy and delete downloaded BD movies for your home recorder without hours of burning. In my case Panasonic BD recorder. I´ll try out today.

And it is freeware indeed. :slight_smile: