Possible to transfer CloneDVD to another computer?

Does anyone know if its possible to transfer CloneDVD (and/or also AnyDVD) to another computer? I just got a new computer and would like to transfer both to the new one. And if I can transfer them, would I have to do anything special to make sure they would still work?

Just as long as you do not use them at the same time, I would delete them from the old computer if you are selling it.

You can download the software from slysoft and email your key to yourself with an online email service such as Gmail or hotmail etc…or you can copy the key to a CD for safe keeping. The key will activate and work with the new download. I agree with alan though…you should delete all traces of AnyDVD and CloneDVD from your PC if you are getting rid of it. If someone else uses your key to activate their software slysoft could discontinue your updates and you will have to repurchase the software.