Possible to SIMULATE a DVD+R burn with 716A?



I did a search and couldn’t find any information as to why it seems impossible to simulate a burn with DVD+R media on the 716A.

Is there a burning program which allows this as an option? It seems Plextools may allow this when burning an .ISO image, but it is not made clear. When making a compilation of individual files, I can’t seem to select a “Simulate” option. Nero also does not allow this.

What I want to do is completely simulate a file-based burn (not an .ISO or .IMG burn) to DVD+R media without actually writing to the disc.

Thanks for any advice in this matter.


It is not possible to do a simulation on a DVD+R media (not possible on all my Plextor burners 716, 712 and my Slimline Toshiba burner SD-R6472)!


PlexTools does allow a simulated Write Transfer Rate test. Why do you want to simulate a burn zyzzle?


These are the reasons why I would like to simulate a burn:

  1. Timing differences between 8x, 12x, and 16x burns. Testing P-CAV vs CAV burning time / strategy.

  2. Testing maximum capacity of media (overburning capacity)

If PlexTools offers a simulation of Write Transfer Rate, as you said, that could address my first reason. How do you access this feature in PlexTools?

What is the technical reason why a DVD-R simulation burn is possible while DVD+R is not?


With Plextools you might be able to check the simulate box and leave Plextools minimized and do burns with Nero. I haven’t checked this feature myself with Nero but it may be possible.:slight_smile: