Possible to set IGNORE READ ERRORS ON for Dvd movie playback Emprex 16x DVDRW?

I’ve got a media center pc on my tv (HTPC) and I want to make the dvd-rw drive (an emprex 16x dvdrw) ignore read errors when playing back dvd movies… is this possible?

When I playback movies, either pressed or burned, and if they have a scratch or unreadable sector on the disc, the drive will sit there and continue to try and re-read that sector over/over/over/over/over again, stopping playback of the movie completely…? however if I take that same dvd and put it in my stb dvd player, the stb dvd player will skip over that unreadable section and continue to play the disc from the next readable area of the disc and I want my media center pc to do the same thing :slight_smile: can anyone help?

Nope, replace the drive with a new one.

Any suggestions? I’m burning my dvd’s on a Nec 3500 upstairs on my personal pc… and I’d like to have a dvdrw/player that will read those dvd’s even if they have a slightly unreadable sector.

Suggestions for a replacement?