Possible to set IGNORE READ ERRORS ON for Dvd movie playback Emprex 16x DVDRW?

I’ve got an Emprex 16x DVDRW in my media center pc on my tv. Its basically only used as a reader really, but I do occasionally burn off some tv shows with it.

ANYWAY: I’ve got a couple of burned dvdr’s that obviously have either a scratch, finger print, bad burn or bad sector on them, and when playing these disc (movies) and the drive hits that unreadable area, it will stop movie playback completely and try to re-read that area over and over and over and over… movie stops playing.

If I take that same dvd into my set top box dvd player, and hit that same spot on the disc, the stb dvd player will skip over that unreadable area, either by displaying a badly artifact imaged, or skip that 1 second of the movie and continue playback at the next readable area of the dvd… I’d like my media center pc to do the same thing.

I’m using Windows Media Center edition 2005, Nvidia purevideo dvd decoder, and an Emprex 16x dvdrw drive.

I’ve searched and searched for this, and everything I have found about this involves ripping the movie or copying a dvd… This is NOT my issue, I want to be able to play a dvd movie and IF the drive hits a bad or unreadable section of the disc, instead of continuously trying to re-read that bad or unreadable section, I’d prefer it to simply skip to the next readable area of the disc. IF THIS IS POSSIBLE?

Any help would be appreciated. THANKS!