Possible To Rip More Than One Subtitle At Same Time?



I am trying to rip to generic with 3055 and the movie has two different subtitle tracks, French and Spanish. It allows me to check them both at once so I assumed I could rip both of them; however, DVD Fab crashes at some point during the rip.
I tried four times and every time I came back to check on the progress DVD Fab was simply closed like it had never even been started.
Is it the trying to rip two subtitles at once causing this crash? If it’s not possible is there a way to rip the other subtitle track alone without having to rip the entire movie again and somehow sync it to my original avi?

EDIT: I’m trying to rip the subs to external idx/sub files, not embedded.



That is a bug of “Extract idx/sub” in DVDFab, we will fixed in next version.



Thx. Is there a way to rip just the other subtitle track and not the entire movie again and sync it to the avi ripped previously?