Possible to rip DVD-A audio?

I have a Foo Fighters DVD, and there is a special part of the DVD that has a still picture slide-show and the audio only of a live concert. I had no problems ripping the audio from the rest of the DVD, but this part is “audio-only”. I tried to rip the audio from this DVD, but got errors in different programs I tried. Either I got “force 24htz” errors, or something along those lines, do not support audio-only DVD errors, or the programs would lock.

Is there a program out there that can rip audio-only DVDs or DVD-Audios to mp3 or wave? I know I could just watch the DVD and record directly through my soundcard, but I’d prefer something that took it from the DVD to maintain high quality. From all the searching i’ve done on the net there doesn’t seem to be an answer to this question. Thought I’d pose it to the experts.


It depends on if the audio you are trying to rip is true DVD-Audio and if it has CPPM protection (same as CSS for DVD-Video but much harder to crack). If yes, then I have not seen any program that can rip CPPM protected DVD-Audio and it is unlikely that one will appear anytime soon.

Does your disc contain a folder called “AUDIO_TS”?

Most DVD V contain the AUDIO_TS directory (actually part of the standard, in the same way that Enhanced CDs require the extra dir) though most remove it and technically violate the DVDV&A standards.

If it is a DVD-V format then DVD Audio Extractor will do it (http://www.tucows.com/preview/343833)

If as stated above it is a standard DVDA (i.e. any files in the AUDIO_TS) directory it maybe encrypted with CPPM, which unlike CSS is a 128bit encryption system and is not currently cracked…you CANNOT make a digital copy of that but as you suggested you can make an imperfect lower-quality analog copy.

There is a way of cracking DVD-Audio disks now.
Go through this thread at hydrogen audio, I think on the second page there is a link to the newly available tools. You’ll have to use them in conjunction with WinDVD 5, 6 or 7.


You can see also this thread, here in Audio subforum: sacd

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