Possible to play burned xbox games on 360?

I’m new to the xbox scene…just purchased a 360

I’m just curious to know if I can burn some old xbox games and play on the 360? I’m pretty doubtful but thought it would be worth asking. Thanks!

Of course not. Someone with a modded console should know why. The original XBOX requires a modified bios (programing code if you will) to circumvent the copy protection that comes stock in a regular XBOX. Do you think that MS would do away with this protection on the 360, simply because it is an older system?

My friend bought Chinese pirated Xbox and Xbox 360 dvd’s to play on his 360.Both the original and the 360 dvd’s are dual-layer,if you look under dvdinfopro it tells you they are hardpressed,bitsetting and dvd both are DVD-ROM and there is “NO” media code on these DVD’s according to infopro.
Dvddycrypter and Isobuster tells that DVD’s are blank.We both are in a pickle.
What are these dvd’s or how r they burned?

[B]YES [/B] you can play xbox one games on the 360 including backups on single layer discs :wink: there as been some software released just over the last few days …BUT im not totally up to scratch with it so cannot add any info … :confused:

do a search on XTREME 5.0

but what about the old xbox

congrats, your first post to revive a 7 years old thread.

So will the 360 play original burned Xbox games