Possible to overburn 4530 MBs on DVD 5 with LG H42N & Nero 8.3?


I’ve got 13 episodes of the television series “Reunion” (the one that was pulled off air without finishing it); each file is about 350 MB, and the total comes up to 4530 MB in Nero (I am using Portable Micro Nero on a LG burner (HL - DT - ST - DVDRAM GSA - H42N).

Is it possible, and advisable to overburn the DVD? What’s the method to do it?

From what I’ve read, overburning is not recommended, even filling the disc to its full capacity is not so good. Suppose you burn it at 8x, will it still be problematic?

By the way, I just make a Data disc and dump all the video files into it, since I usually watch it all on the computer; but suppose I want to view the files on a DVD player, is there anything else I should be doing? Because some of my data DVDs play on my DVD player, and some don’t.


I wouldn’t advise overburning your dvd. You are trying to make a lasting copy. The best course would probably be to burn to a dual layer disk for this particular set of videos. If you do that, make sure to only buy Verbatim +R DL media.

DVD players can play some types of avi files and not others…best to use Divx or Xvid codec for playback on those dvd players that say they can play avi files. It might be possible to reencode your videos to a smaller size using xvid or divx and a smaller bitrate for encoding. Quality may not be acceptable to you though.

There are many, many different programs for encoding divx and xvid, including some good free ones if you want to try this. You’ll need to know the current specs on your videos…I suggest examining them with MediaInfo (free). Then try reencoding with MeGui, Xvid4PSP, Virtualdub, SUPER, or any other encoder of your choice and shoot for a smaller output size.

I don’t want to lose out on the quality, so it seems I’ll have to burn two discs.

I am thinking of using ConvertXtoDVD, but I’ve had problems with it before:
I used it only once earlier, when I wanted to burn a DVD9 of The Chronicles of Riddick: I cut the .mkv file, which was maybe 7.5 Gbs or something like it, and I think I converted it into another format, and then I burned the first file (about 4.3 Gb) onto a DVD5 with ConvertXtoDVD; not only did it take a very very long time to complete the process before beginning the burn, but then it messed up, and so in the DVD, there were two folders, one of video and one of audio, but the audio folder was empty and so there was no sound. But I guess I’ll give it another try. Actually what I don’t like is this processing thing it keeps doing for an hour; with a data disc, the burning begins immediately.

Thanks for the tip on all these encoding programs; I might have a use for them at a later time.

Encoding does take a fairly long time, depending on the speed of your cpu mostly. And from the sounds of it, ConvertX made your mkv file into a dvd video. You are supposed to get two folders, a Video_TS folder and an Audio_TS folder, and the audio folder is empty. In dvd-video, the audio and video streams are combined together and contained in the .vob files within the Video_TS folder.
The Audio_TS folder is a legacy, for those few players or programs that look for it.