Possible to mount a blank CD and burn to it?



Hello all,
is it possible to create a blank CD image, mount it, and burn to it using another program?


NO! All Virtual CD Drives are READ ONLY as the emulate a DVD-ROM, not a DVD-WRITER!

If you want to create an ISO just use a program like UltraISO where you can drag/drop files and folders into it and then create an ISO from the files!


If you select to make an image to your hard disk, you can do as you described.

Another possibility is format a CD-RW and by using InCD/DirectCD or similar programs you can use it as any disc and write files to it.

Perhaps you could elaborate a bit on what it is exactly you want to accomplish, what purpose do you have in mind?


I think I know what he’s asking… here’s a scenario… You’ve downloaded a dvd that needs to be burned to a cd in order to view it as an actual dvd… but instead of burning it to an actual dvd he wants to make an image OF a blank cd and burn it to that so he can plug that “dvd” into whatever virtual drive he uses instead of needing to make an actual hard copy… I believe thats what he’s asking

I’m curious to see what the people have to say about this cause I’m highly interested in that question