Possible to minimize smudging on CD / DVD prints?


Hi everyone:

I’m brand new to print direct to discs. Reading some older reviews (2005-2008), I see that back then, getting a little liquid on a disc would usually result in smudging. Is it the same with today’s discs?

I’d like to be able to print to DVDs and M-Discs DVDs, but I’d really like to avoid smudging as much as possible. Have things changed? Is there anything I can do to avoid this problem? Is the ink/dye a factor more than the disc surface?

Thanks in advance.


I would think it’s also a function of the ink used, but the print surface does matter.

I know some printers from some manufacturers are supposed to have water-resistant inks (typically the photo-oriented product lines), but I can’t tell you which specifically is the best at the moment.

Similarly, I know some lines like the Taiyo Yuden WaterShield line are supposed to be able to handle most inks with no smudging. Unfortunately, TY no longer makes those discs, but CMC acquired some of TY’s technology, & you may be able to try the (mouthful) CMC Pro powered by TY discs. They still market a WaterShield line of discs (I assume using the same WaterShield print surface), so that may be worth a try.

As for M-Disc media, I’m not sure. I haven’t checked recently, but due to it being a very specific type of media, they may not have a wide variety of print surfaces available. Someone may be able to comment on how they perform once you print on them.


Thank you Albert, that was helpful, as always. Anyone tried print to any M-Disc printable discs?


Brainer1, You might also try to use Lightscibe. There are DVD/cd readers/writers that will also use lightscribe software that will print directly to the disc with out using INK. I have an older one that is a LG model. it works great.




Thanks, but there’s no real colour. And it looks awful compared to one done on a printer.


Would someone comment about the Taiyo Yuden watershileds or the Verbatim Aqua-Ace? Does using those make a difference?