Possible to make unemulated copy of Doom3 with LG 8320B?

Hi, I came to this forum when searching for a way to burn Rollar Coaster Tycoon2 and I found very helpful infomation which got it working. Now I’m trying to burn Doom3 and it doens’t seem to be working. Here’s the situation:

I have two computers, one old and one new. I am PLAYING Doom3 on the new one, which only has a NEC ND2501A. On my old computer is a LG 8320B and a Sony DVD-Rom DDU220E. I’m trying to make a copy of Doom3 which is able to install and play unemulated. Since I found out the LG is better than the NEC, I tried burning Doom3 using Virus2k’s method, and the method outlined in the CD Freak Offline help guide for safedisc 2/3 on Alcohol. Both times I found that I could play the burned disc with an ORGINAL installlation, but when I reinstall it with the burned disc, it doesn’t play anymore and has a Windows error. Can anyone help me on this? Is it possible to make a unemulated copy of DOOm3 with my burners?

Welcome liquidrain101 :),

what is the Windows error?

The windows error is the one that goes “DOOM 3 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

Since I’m running the game on the NEC, i have ignore media type on alcohol running. (The CLoneCD hide cdr media doens’t seem to work at all)

Concerning to your first post and the error message you didn’t use any kind of emulation so I that couldn’t be the reason of this. Maybe one of the install discs is corrupt, burned them to fast, used bad media… you can use any burning software for CD2 and CD3 as they aren’t protected.

it can’t be cd2 or cd3, because i also tried installing with a burned cd1 and orginal cd2,3 and it still has the same problem. What method and program would be best to read and write with the LG? I’ve seen ones with clonecd read and write, alchocol read and write, and clonecd read with alcohol write. Am I supposed to use the safedisk1 or 2/3 profile in alcohol cause i’ve seen people use both. Or maybe my LG just can’t make an unemulated copy?

I would suggest taking a look at this thread SafeDisc 3.20 Successes and Non-Successes. Maybe one of the members is using your LG model. Or just play the game from your original installation using your backup for playing :).

The error you described is the common telltale sign of a bad backup. But if you get the error with the original, then it may be a different problem.