Possible to make Media Center with old nVidia hardware?



The specs

I have this videocard; The nVidia FX5200 Cinema.

It comes with a built in TV Tuner as well as dual monitor support, tv-out, video-in and video-out. It’s the tv tuner part i want to make a Media Center with. The bundle of software that came with it sucks. You can only view tv via a very unstable Ulead DVD program and there is no MCE driver to be found. What the hell?

The research

I have been trying to get information wether the TV Tuner part of this videocard can work inside a Media Center setup, but i have not found any information anywhere on the web. I have tried to search for additional software as well as a compatibility list of the Windows XP Media Center Edition, but there is no official real support list anywhere!

I found this program called DECCheck.exe, which can tell me what DVD codec is compatible with MCE and not. It can also set priorities, but it doesn’t say anything about the tuner itself.

After a while i noticed that there are a huge bunch of other Media Centers as well. There’s BeyondTV, MythTV, etc. All have their own set of compatibility list, but only the latest Pinnacle hardware are usually supported.

The problem

I’ve tried contacting nVidia, Aopen and searched around the forums. It seems nobody can tell me what Media Center setup will accept this videocard.

Now, is there a special/tweaked driver i can get from somewhere to get the tuner working in XP MCE?
Is there a special tweak/setting to get the tuner working in BeyondTV or MythTV?


Probably not…
At the bottom…