Possible to make a DMX player CD?

Hello everyone!

I work at a store where we have a DMX Profusion CD player hooked up. We have music that is selected specifically for our store during the opening hours, but at night our department would like to listen to the music we want to pick, not the ones on the pre-made CDs that DMX sends us.

Is there any way to make a Profusion CD that is compatible with DMX players? I have checked places online but the only other person I found asking was trying to find out how to rip songs from a official CD, which isn’t want I’m looking for. I know player uses a DVD ROM drive, but I believe if you put in a regular CD or DVD it won’t work.


Welcome to the forum. A quick Google of ‘making a DMX Profusion disk’ points to a thread right here on our forum: http://club.myce.com/f57/whats-muzaks-cd-protection-47405/#.UCf22p1lSvs a search here for ‘DMX Profusion’ yields about 6 threads. Doesn’t look extremely positive…

You are correct. Any normal CD or Data disc with mp3 format will not play on the DMX player. These players are specifically designed to only play the DVD discs the DMX company produces. They have a special computer software where the music is inserted into the program from Artist CDs they have (They have a CD library with 100s and 1000s of discs) Which after are in the program are compressed and changed to a different file format. Most likely are .PFC format or for muzak its .MPA format. it is a special format made from the software and the player is designed to read and play that format. So when you take a DVD and put your own music on it…the player will not recognize it and reject it. Plain and simple. They have the players designed for this purpose for the person just like what you are trying to do. Also they do this so people can’t steal the music files and put it on your computer or ipod …etc. The only reason they use DVD format is because they can put .img files on it and its more gigs to hold more music.