Possible to increase Nero write buffer beyond 80mb?

I wonder, would it be possible to override the 80mb memory limit for the writebuffer in Nero by editing the registery?

The value for this setting is found in the key “WriteBufferSize”.
A setting of 80mb assigns a dword of $05000000 to this key.
Let’s say I increase this value to $08000000 (128mb), would I get 128mb, or would Nero just default to the 80mb max, or possibly revert to the “automatic” setting?

Nero says not to exceed 40% of mem or set higher than 80mb max. buffer,might cause problems if you ignore their advice.
Are you having problems burning with 80mb buffer?

I have a few problemes with the read buffer running empty that am unable to fix or get around.
Not really a problem with CD-r, but I burn way too many coasters when burning DVDs.

I figured that since I have memory to burn (PUN!) that I could use give Nero a large chunk of it, so as to give the read buffer the few seconds extra timeit needs to fill itself when in trouble.