Possible to have smaller Corel VideoStudio X5 installation?

I have made purchase of Corel VideoStudio X5 to complement PowerDirector 9 Ultra 64 and find that the installation size is very large.

PD9 folder is 415mb
Corel folder is 1.7gb

Is there a way to install Corel from DVD media it came on to a smaller installation? Without extra content?

Even X5 demo is 1.3gb download so no help there

I would prefer core program with no content pack at all but do not know how or if possible.

Thank you

I can’t give you any specific advice in relation to those particular programs but I’d imagine that’s the size they are and if you want them then unfortunately you’re probably stuck with that.

Those sorts of folder sizes aren’t that uncommon these days but I suppose you could compress them in Windows.

Right click on the folder of your choice >>Properties >> Advanced >> then select ‘Compress contents to save disk space’.

As to how efficient this is I’m not sure as I haven’t used dynamic compression since the days of 200MB hard drives. :slight_smile:


If there’s an option for a smaller install, it will tell you at install time.

If there are a lot of templates or clip art you could try temporarily renaming those folder(s) or moving their contents. If the program still works well then just delete them.

Corel has finally respond with answer that they made decision to integrate content so all users get a more useful comparison against competition. By not including by default, some tester felt (wrongly) that features were missing that were not missing in other programs.

So, I will live with changes. Version X5 has 21 tracks and better multi-core support so I find updates to be useful in main program anyway, and hard drives are bigger all the time. It just makes disk image files bigger mainly, which is only time I notice it much.

Thank you again for helping.

I found this useful too

VideoStudio X5 installs many language folders in it’s Program Files folder.
If you keep your native [B]language folder[/B] (for me it’s en-US), you can safely delete the rest of them and recover a fair bit of space too. Of course, you have to be confident in recognizing the language folders.
X5 functions quite happily with no ill effects (rename the folders them first if you’re unsure about permanently deleting them straight away).

You’ll probably find tons of other installations containing unnecessary clutter that can be gotten rid of - Adobe and Ashampoo are other culprits.

Good points mike, even though this isn’t directly related, I recently only installed drivers off printer installation cd disc instead of doing the full install…which is a bloated mess of things.